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Presidential Contenders

  1. The Not-So-Hidden ‘Talents’ of the Republican CandidatesSinging and playing and shooting, oh my!
  2. Dan Savage Threatens to Re-Define Rick Santorum’s First Name, TooAnd if there’s crying … “
  3. Potential Presidential Candidate Mitch Daniels Receives Sixteen Stitches After Head WoundHe walked into a door. No, really.
  4. Rick Santorum: John McCain ‘Doesn’t Understand How Enhanced Interrogation Works’You’d have to be TORTURED to understand it really, see?
  5. Newt Gingrich’s Wife Dropped Between a Quarter and a Half Million Dollars at Tiffany & Co.That was at least one tenth of their worth.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: DONALD TRUMP NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENTSorry, we have to sit down for a second.
  7. Jon Huntsman Has Formed a Political Action CommitteeActual contenders throwing their hats in the ring.
  8. Howard Kurtz: Fox Is Crossing Its Fingers Newt Gingrich Will Jump Into the Race by May 3That way their debate won’t totally suck.
  9. Ron Paul to Announce 2012 Exploratory Committee TodayAnd the battle to be the face of the tea party begins anew.
  10. Alabama Chief Justice Who Refused to Remove Ten Commandments Monument Is Exploring Presidential BidAnd the goalpost has been moved again. To the right.
  11. Because Having His Own Line of Vodka Isn’t Enough, Trump Buys WineryAmerica’s favorite mogul wants to stomp some grapes.