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Pretty People

  1. yes we cannes
    The Best Beauty Looks From CannesFrom the sunniest red carpet of the year.
  2. what can we do?
    Charlize Theron Says It’s Hard Being a Gorgeous Actress — Believe Me, I KnowTell me about it.
  3. pretty people
    Heathers Writer Had No Idea How Cute Winona Ryder Was“But of course now everyone makes fun of me, so …”
  4. pretty people
    The Glittering Crowd at Last Night’s CFDA’s Swarovski PartyThe first party in anticipation of pre-summer’s fashion award season.
  5. Pretty People Can Be Funny Just as Funny as Ugly PeopleDeadline Hollywood blogger and ridiculous human being Nikki Finke had this horrifying thing to say about Julie Bowen’s Modern Family Emmy win […]
  6. Pretty People
    Sandra Lee Might Get Paid to Bat Her EyelashesEndorsement deal!
  7. bons mots
    Law Firms Hire Pretty Female Employees Because They Feel It Will ‘Reflect Well on Their Firm’Of course that’s why.
  8. pretty people
    New Year’s Eve With the Jet Set: Gaga in Miami, the Box in MoscowMustique is so last year.
  9. the most important people in the world
    Michelle Trachtenberg Has a Problem We Didn’t Even Know ExistedBeing in a prime-time drama is fraught with peril.