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Private Citizens Just Trying To Enjoy Private Life

  1. Hillary Clinton Could Have Been a Part of This Magical Second TermShe left Obama at the right time. 
  2. British Newspaper May Not Totally Understand America’s Debt Hillary’s parking ticket did not add to the debt. 
  3. The Clinton-Biden Presidential Primary Battle Has BegunHillary delivers a subtle threat.
  4. Hero Cop Gives Hillary Clinton a Parking TicketHe does not care. 
  5. Hillary Clinton Nearly Says Name of Civil-Rights Icon CorrectlyMedgar Evans? 
  6. People Are Willing to Pay Hillary Clinton a Lot of Money to Speak to ThemTalks go for $200,000 a pop.
  7. The GOP Wants to Make Sure Voters Know That Hillary Clinton Is an Older WomanUnlike young guns like Chris Christie and Rand Paul.
  8. Hillary Clinton Is Trying to Limit Her SelfiesThat’s what she says. 
  9. A History of Hillary Clinton Making Pantsuit JokesSo many funny pantsuit jokes. 
  10. Romney Strategist: Hillary Would Lose Nomination(No, he doesn’t.)
  11. Hillary Will Admit to Being Lesbian, Site ClaimsThe National Enquirer has a “scoop” from a “family insider.”
  12. Hillary ‘Freshly Released,’ No Thoughts on 2016 A slightly modified dodge!
  13. Frum: Don’t Nominate Hillary, DemocratsFrum makes an unconvincing case against Hillary.
  14. Hillary Clinton Finally Makes Support for Gay Marriage ExplicitWatch the video.
  15. Hillary Clinton Is Gonna Get While the Gettin’s GoodShe’ll hit the speaker’s circuit for six figures a pop.
  16. Hillary Clinton Ditches Her Concussion GlassesShe’s back to the Hillary of old.
  17. Fox News: ‘Deerrrrrrp, Did Hillary Clinton Get a Face-Lift?’ [Updated]The first in what will surely be a long string of horrible sexist commentary on Hillary Clinton. 
  18. Hillary Clinton Has a New Website With a Contact Form and Nothing ElseShe returned to private life, not Witness Protection,” her spokesman says.