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    Danny Meyer Has Created a Private-Equity Fund for the Hospitality IndustryHe’ll invest up to $20 million in businesses that conform to his “enlightened hospitality” model.
  2. Jeb Bush Is Raising Private Equity Funds for Oil and Gas CompaniesWhat does this mean for 2016?
  3. Tim Geithner Is Headed to Wall Street The former Treasury Secretary is joining a private equity firm.
  4. Private Equity Firms Subpoenaed Over Tax ProcessNew York’s attorney general is looking into their use of management fee waivers, which allow income to be taxed at the capital gains rate.
  5. Paul Ryan’s Brother Is a Private Equity ExecutiveOf course he is.
  6. Newark Super-Mayor Cory Booker Slams Obama Campaign for Anti-Bain Ad [Updated]He calls it “nauseating.”
  7. The SEC Is Looking Into Private EquityLike, the whole industry.
  8. While You Were Worrying About the Tech Bubble, Wall Street Went to ChinaMorgan Stanley joins Goldman Sachs in China.
  9. Shh, No One Tell Yahoo About the Buyout — AOL Wants It to Be a SurpriseWill they or won’t they?
  10. Private-Equity Mogul Jim Dunning: ‘Diminutive,’ ‘Ball-Achingly Indulgent’Says former employee.
  11. On the Inside, Steve Schwarzman Is Still Just a Short Kid From Philly Blackstone CEO and co-founder Steve Schwarzman comes across almost like a real-live human being in James B. Stewart’s profile of him in this week’s New Yorker, which traces the titan’s childhood as the son of a dry-goods store owner in suburban Philadelphia (at 15, he is stymied by his father’s reluctance to expand said store into a national chain, “like Sears”) through the infamously lavish 60th-birthday party that helped make Schwarzman the poster child for greed and self-indulgence of the new gilded age. But despite the fact that he has a net worth of at least $10 billion, “I don’t feel like a wealthy person,” Schwarzman tells Stewart, cracking a window into his psyche. Contrary to his actions, he’s also not entirely obtuse: “Private equity is seen as a symbol of the people who are prospering from a world in flux. That’s a lightning-rod situation.”