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Private Eyes Are Watching You

  1. Mark Zuckerberg Beefs Up His Lobbying Efforts With Two Top Former Bush AidesTo join his twelve-person team in Washington.
  2. Facebook Thought it Might Be Useful to Pay Ex-Reporters to Plant Negative Stories About GoogleBusted!
  3. Apple Goes to Washington To Insist ‘We Don’t Track Users’Locationgate, sort of explained.
  4. Google Ad Leverages Adorable Asian Baby to Get You to Give Up Your DataThey are using blobs against you!
  5. Apple’s New Software Update Stops the iPhone From Tracking Your Every Move for a YearGreat news — for people who want to opt out.
  6. Apple Deigns to Explain Privacy Tracking So You Noobs Will Shut Up Already JeezAlso they blame a “bug.”
  7. iPhone Tracks Your Location Even If You Opt Out [Updated]Why we’re still not freaking out.
  8. How Much Should You Freak Out About Apple and Google Tracking Your Location?Depends on your paranoia level.
  9. Privacy Panic of the Day: Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every MoveAnd it REMEMBERS.
  10. Pandora Subpoenaed in Federal Grand-Jury Probe Over Personal DataIt’s not the subject of the probe.
  11. Privacy Changes Expose Etsy Users’ Penchant for Artisan Dildos [Updated]One woman’s sex-toy purchase now appears “right after her online resumes.”