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  1. The Chain Gang
    Dairy Queen Owner Plasters Store With Extremely Strange Anti-Hindu SignsThe owner refuses to remove them because, he says, they’re “educational.”
  2. problems
    Ohio Declares State of Emergency Over Unsafe Tap Water The stuff coming out of faucets in Toledo seems to have been contaminated with toxins.  
  3. problems
    Snacks: The First Topical Problem of the WeekYou, me, the cast of Downton Abbey, and everyone we know has snack problems. 
  4. Problems
    The Situation Doesn’t Like the Food Situation … in RehabBut can he be sober and skinny?
  5. problems
    Richie Sambora Maintains Rock-and-Roll Credibility by Leaving the Bon Jovi Tour for RehabHe’s got a drinking problem.
  6. things people say
    Reminder: Rich People Had Problems During the Recession, Too“You don’t know how hard it is to sell a $200,000 vineyard when the financial world is crashing.”
  7. cat party
    No, Your Cat Cannot Serve Jury Duty in Your PlaceMeow mistrial!
  8. the most important people in the world
    Michelle Trachtenberg Has a Problem We Didn’t Even Know ExistedBeing in a prime-time drama is fraught with peril.
  9. rebellions
    Don’t Hog the Disability Seat on the Subway, BabyA blogger has devoted a site to shaming perpetrators of a common subway crime.