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  1. zuck bucks
    Facebook Will No Longer Say How Healthy Facebook IsInstead, the company will report aggregated metrics for its overall “family” of services
  2. hackathon
    Sony Hack Reveals 2013 Studio ProfitsSo, how profitable was American Hustle?
  3. money matters
    H&M’s Profits Drop By Over 15 PercentThe 2010-2011 financial year was a challenging one.
  4. money matters
    Prada’s Profits Up by 75 PercentWell, that’s nice.
  5. For Sale
    How Profitable Is a Crown Fried Chicken?A glimpse at a KFC knockoff’s p&l.
  6. Financial Woes
    Stockholders Lose Faith in Casual Dining and Fast-Food JointsEven though they’re performing better than expected.
  7. It's the Economy
    Strip Strip Hooray!With business lean elsewhere, profits are up at Rick’s Cabaret, home of the $10 strip-club lunch.
  8. Coffee Grind
    Starbucks Down 97 PercentThe chain’s fourth-quarter profits are down a whopping 97 percent, from $159 million a year ago to $5 million now.