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Ben Stiller to One-Night Host ‘Talk Show’

To benefit Project ALS, the comedian and actor is going to do his own version of Conan O’Brien for a night, which even he admits he is ‘ill-equipped to do.’

By Michael Martin

What Do You Tip a Rich Waiter?

Project A.L.S.
Actors and otherwise-famous people returned to their humble roots on Monday by waiting tables at Sapa for the annual Project A.L.S. Celebrity Charity Dinner. Ted Allen recalled his fond days as a fry cook at Ponderosa. Rachel Dratch said she got her training at an ice-cream store with Amy Poehler. But few could match Bryant Gumbel's hustle. The sportscaster sold five bottles of Dom Pèrignon, an event record. Watch the video to see Julianna Margulies, Rob Riggle, and others try to outsell him. Party Lines: Project A.L.S. Dinner [Video]