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  1. science of us
    New York Is Cracking Down on Measles EpidemicIn the face of the state’s worst outbreak in decades.
  2. health
    What to Know About the Vaccination Bill Jessica Biel Is OpposingThe actress was recently photographed lobbying against the bill alongside anti-vaxx activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  3. public health
    McConnell Wants to Raise Tobacco Age to 21, in Rare Good GOP Public Health MoveMcConnell’s bill appears to be a step in the right direction to cut smoking, which makes it a departure from standard GOP policies on public health.
  4. public health
    Should Adults Get a Measles Booster?It depends on your vaccination history.
  5. health
    Measles Outbreak Hits Google Headquarters in Silicon ValleySome Google employees are upset that they found out about the measles case through a BuzzFeed News report.
  6. health
    Everything to Know About MeaslesFrom symptoms to vaccination to what leads to a major outbreak.
  7. the opioid epidemic
    Drug Overdoses Killed 72,000 in 2017, a New National RecordOverdose deaths now exceed the peak years for HIV, car crash, and firearm deaths.
  8. It’s Normal for the U.S. to Put Corporate Profits Above Babies’ HealthUnder Trump, America undermined global public health for the sake of enriching corporations. It did the same thing under Clinton and Obama.
  9. 3.2 Million Americans Gave Up Health Insurance Last Year, Study FindsTrump didn’t repeal Obamacare — but he did help engineer the first increase in America’s uninsured rate since that law took effect.
  10. Did Americans Turn to Opioids Out of Despair — or Just Because They Were There?A new study casts doubt on the idea that the epidemic is driven by economic hardship.
  11. The EPA Wanted to Delay New Lead-Paint Rules for 6 More Years. A Court Said No.After dragging its feet under Obama and Trump, the EPA now has 90 days to write stricter standards for what constitutes a “dangerous” level of lead.
  12. Drug Overdoses Killed 63,600 Americans Last YearGuns and car crashes have never killed that many Americans in a single year. And we’re doing virtually nothing about it.
  13. Why The Opioid Crisis Could Shatter Trump’s CoalitionRural America’s top problem can only be solved with policies that the Republican donor class will never allow.
  14. Trump’s CDC Pick Peddled ‘Anti-Aging’ Medicine to Her Gynecologic PatientsBrenda Fitzgerald is still among the most defensible appointments Trump has made.
  15. Michigan Health Chief Charged With Manslaughter for Role in Flint Water CrisisNick Lyon may be held criminally liable for suppressing information about a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that killed 12 in the Flint area.
  16. Ohio Sues 5 Drug Companies for Fueling the Opioid EpidemicThe firms knowingly misled doctors and patients about the risks inherent to opioid painkillers, the lawsuit alleges.
  17. 16 Babies Have Been Born With Zika-Related Birth Defects in New York CityIt represents about a quarter of all babies with birth defects related to Zika in the entire United States.
  18. Trump’s Cuts to AIDS-Treatment Programs Would Kill 1 Million, Researchers SayAmerica saves one million lives for every $1 billion it spends on HIV treatment. But Trump would rather invest that money in a border wall.
  19. anti-vaxxers
    How Anti-Vaccine Activists Harmed Somali-AmericansA recent outbreak is only going to bring further discrimination against a vulnerable group whose members were targeted by charlatans.
  20. public health
    More Evidence That Charlie Sheen’s 2015 HIV Announcement Saved LivesA new study looks at the sales of an at-home HIV-testing kit and finds some very encouraging results.
  21. public health
    Supervised Drug-Injection Sites Are Spreading in Canada, Which Is GoodIt might seem counterintuitive to advertise a place for injection-drug users to shoot up, but there’s smart public-health reasoning behind the idea.
  22. EPA Chief Overrules Scientists, Declines to Ban Pesticide Linked to Fetal DamageEPA scientists recommended banning chlorpyrifos, after research linked prenatal exposure to impaired brain development. Dow Chemical disapproved.
  23. ‘Small Government’ Conservatism Is Killing Republican VotersAnd they’re starting to figure that out.
  24. health
    The White-Mortality Crisis Shows How Psychological Distress Can Become PhysicalIf a group of people feels they have nothing left to strive for and that their best days are behind them, those thoughts will eventually take a toll.
  25. Trump Health Secretary: States Should Only Require Vaccines If They Feel Like ItGood thing infectious diseases can’t cross state lines.
  26. public health
    Australia Is Figuring Out How to Get People to Quit SmokingIt’s all in the packaging.
  27. An Unusual Anti-Suicide Partnership Targeting Gun Shops Is Ramping UpIt will be a while before we have any data on its effectiveness, but this looks like a smart harm-reduction program.
  28. public health
    Here’s a Simple Way to Reduce Drunk-Driving DeathsThorough is good.
  29. war on science
    Republicans Successfully Eviscerated Gun-Violence ResearchTwo new graphs show just how under-studied gun violence is relative to how many people it kills every year.
  30. There Is Now an Ebola Vaccine That’s ‘100 Percent’ Effective Against the DiseaseSome actual good 2016 news.
  31. public health
    More Evidence That Violence Is ContagiousLike smoking or obesity, it travels along social networks.
  32. The Opioid Epidemic Is a Symptom of Toxic GreedOur system of financing drug research gave the makers of OxyContin a multibillion-dollar incentive to ignore the risks their drug posed.
  33. EPA Removes Frackers’ Favorite Sentence From Report on Water ContaminationThe agency is no longer comfortable asserting that “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts” on drinking water.
  34. mortality
    People Are Dying Younger Because America Keeps Failing the Bad-Break TestIn the richest country in the world, it shouldn’t be the case that one bad break can trigger a downward spiral to death.
  35. public health
    Congress Pledges $1 Billion to Tackle the Opioid EpidemicFinally.
  36. The Line Between a Safe Driver and a Dangerous One Is a Single Hour of SleepA driver who’s had six hours of shut-eye has twice the risk of crashing as someone who’s had seven.
  37. bad science
    Tom Price Belongs to a Really Scary Medical OrganizationThe Association of American Physicians and Surgeons promotes anti-vaccine hysteria, fear of immigrants, and rejection of the concept of “evidence.”
  38. Smoking Will Be Banned in Public Housing Across the U.S.The rules are supposed to go in effect in early 2017, though housing agencies will have time to adjust.
  39. public health
    More Evidence That Drugs, Suicide, and Despair Fueled Trump’s WinPeople are “literally dying.”
  40. A New Campaign Will Address the Elderly Isolation EpidemicFinally.
  41. career moves
    Mark Bittman Joins Columbia’s School of Public HealthThe celebrated author and food writer has joined the department of health policy and management.
  42. public health
    New York City Should Open Facilities Where Heroin Users Can Shoot UpIt’s a smart public-health idea that has caught on in parts of Canada and Europe, but which hasn’t made much headway in the States.
  43. select all
    Everyone Is Playing Pokémon Go While They DriveAnd then openly admitting it on Twitter.
  44. America’s Uninsured Rate Hits Historic LowDespite its troubled markets (and lack of death panels), Obamacare is achieving its core aim.
  45. Americans Are Smoking a Lot More Weed, But It’s Totally ChillThe number of Americans who use marijuana is going up — but the number who abuse the drug is going down.
  46. Instead of Convincing People to Drink Less, Just Water Down Everyone’s BeerA new paper argues that changing booze itself is easier than changing behavior.
  47. public health
    Journalists Don’t Know What ‘Studies’ AreAs the coverage of a new article about alcohol and cancer shows.
  48. It Matters If You Think Crime Is a Monster or a DiseaseMetaphors frame the way you think.
  49. How LED Streetlights Are Messing With Your HealthThe American Medical Association says light pollution is a public-health hazard.
  50. race
    The Tuskegee Experiment Kept Killing Black People Decades After It EndedA jarring new analysis shows how its effects lingered for decades afterward.
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