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  1. Health Officials’ Unlikely Partner in Preventing Gun Suicides: Gun-Shop OwnersLessons from an intriguing study in New Hampshire.
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    Senate Approves $1.1 Billion in Emergency Funds to Fight ZikaThe $1.1 billion package cuts Obama’s request nearly in half, but it’s better than nothing.
  3. Inside the Mind of a Dangerous DriverNew research on what drives bad decisions on the roads.
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    Young White Women Are Killing Themselves More Than They Used ToLife expectancy for white women declined in 2014 for the first time in recorded history. An uptick in suicides and overdoses appears to be the cause.
  5. Young White Women Are Killing Themselves More Than They Used ToLife expectancy for white women declined in 2014 for the first time in recorded history. An uptick in suicides and overdoses appears to be the cause.
  6. The Rich Far Outlive the Poor, Except in NYCA new study finds that the life expectancy of low-income Americans varies widely by locality.
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    The Case for Ithaca’s Proposed ‘Safe’ Space for Heroin UsersThis isn’t just about keeping heroin users safe — it’s about keeping cities safe. And it’s already working in Europe.
  8. Why This Silly Cat Video Could Help Curb Youth SmokingAn ad from last week’s Grammys has all the right elements.
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    Charlie Sheen May Have Accidentally Saved Some Lives With His HIV AnnouncementA group of researchers argue that coverage of Sheen’s diagnosis led to a historic Google spike in searches for important HIV information.
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    How Researchers Will Figure Out Why So Many Middle-aged White People Are DyingIt’s going to be very, very complicated.
  11. The Death Rate for White Middle-Aged Americans Is RisingAn epidemic of drug abuse and despair is driving up the death rate among white middle-aged Americans.
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    Ebola Survivor Dr. Craig Spencer Returns to Visit the Hospital That Saved HimHe even went back to Guinea earlier this year.
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    Asking a Childhood Vaccination Expert About the GOP Debate Will Donald Trump’s or Ben Carson’s opinions on vaccines infect the general populace?
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    3 More People Have Died of Legionnaires’ Disease in the BronxMore than 80 people have been infected so far.
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    For the First Time in 12 Years, Measles Has Killed an AmericanAfter last year’s record number of infections, the newly reported death illustrates how the anti-vaccination movement puts those with weak immune systems at risk.
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    The U.S. Is Still a Terrible Place for Maternal HealthAnd other facts from a new report on mothers and children worldwide.
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    On Vaccines, Some People Trust Random Internet Comments More Than the CDCBad news for the fight against anti-vaccine hysteria.
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    Teens Are Way More Into Vaping Than Smoking Regular CigarettesEven though vaping is safer, researchers aren’t thrilled about its relative popularity among teens.
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    Are U.S. Hospitals Really Prepared for Ebola?A nurse’s diagnoses sparked calls for better procedures and training.
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    In Airports, Security Theater Is Morphing Into Ebola TheaterAmericans are asking the government to pretend to protect them from a mostly nonexistent threat, and the government is obliging. Everybody wins!
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    How to Prevent Ebola Panic in the Facebook AgeThe promise and peril of social media as a panic-reduction tool.
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    The Scientific Case for Decriminalizing Sex WorkIt could be the most effective way to reduce global HIV infection rates.
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    The FDA Is Finally Cracking Down on E-CigarettesIt’s banning sales to minors, adding warnings, and requiring product approval.
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    City’s New Anti-Salt Subway Ads Are Shockingly TameThey just tell you to read food labels.
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    City’s ‘Condom Finder’ App Upgraded Just in Time for Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is also National Condom Awareness Day.
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    Men Hate Vegetables and Die EarlierMore than nine out of ten New York City men didn’t listen to their mothers at the dinner table.
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    Okay, So How Do We Feel About the Increasing Number of Bans on Smoking in Your Own Apartment?Is this as bad as when they talked about banning smoking in public parks?
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    Officials Declare Public Health Emergency Over Flu VirusMeanwhile, eight students at St. Francis Prep in Queens are recovering nicely.