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Public Service Announcements

  1. The First White House Anti-Opioid PSA Shows a Guy Smashing His Hand With HammerKellyanne Conway said the goal is to show “how quickly some people can become hooked and addicted and the lengths to which they will go.”
  2. Trump’s Anti-Drug PSAs Inspired by ‘This Is Your Brain on Drugs’The White House is set to warn kids against opioid use with the same scare tactics that were tried in the ’80s.
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    Kelly Clarkson’s Releasing a Soul Album in 2017Kelly! Clarkson! Soul! Album!
  4. New Ads Encourage People to Turn Headphones DownAnd to protect their own ears, as well.
  5. public service announcements
    Don’t Forget to Turn Over Your BallotDon’t forget. 
  6. public service announcements
    Don’t Rent the Citi Bikes With Backward SeatsThis is a sign from the previous rider that the bike is broken. 
  7. public service announcements
    Jonathan ‘Song a Day’ Mann Still Needs a RoommateGo be his roommate.
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    Watch a Walking Dead–Inspired CPR CommercialCourtesy of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.
  9. Welcome to the New CutTake off your coat and stay a while.
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    Want to Be in the Sex Diaries Book?Well, you can be.
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    Go See John Heilemann and David Axelrod at 92Y!We already have our tickets!
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    You Are Not a PlantDo not do what this woman did.
  13. stand clear of the closing doors
    Reminder: Empty Subway Cars Are a Ticket TrapDon’t make yourself at home.
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    Go to the New York and Longreads Panel!Intel Jessica will be there.
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    New York City Wants Your BlooooddddLike vampires, except they’re not going to eat it.
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    Bad News for Home Composters Who Eat SunChips!’Consumer Reports’ tests product claims.
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    State Senator Demonstrates How to Snoop Through Your Kid’s Room“A small caliber weapon could be hidden inside a jewelry box.”
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    In the Event of a Nuclear Attack, Just ChillaxStaying in your apartment is key to survival.
  19. look her in the eyes
    Handless Model Poses in a Sexy Bra for Disability Awareness“Why shouldn’t somebody with a disability be a model? It would make a change from those models who all look alike.”
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    JFK, Newark, and La Guardia to Get Full Body Scanners Next MonthThis is your final warning.
  21. If You Have a Small Penis, Beware Those Full-Body ScannersOne man’s tale of woe.
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    LA’s New Anti-Terrorism Commercial: If You Smell Something, Say SomethingLA’s new iWatch commercial is creeping everybody out.
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    Go Be One of the Few People to Vote TodayIt’s not as unimportant as you think!
  24. Tina Turner Lost in BrooklynIn which we worry over the fate of a cheekily named cat.
  25. The Statue of Liberty Is About to Be InvadedDon’t worry, it’s not the Soviets!
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    Facebook’s Been PhishedToday, just like every other day, you should not decide to “Look at this.”
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    Wave of Petty-Crime Busts Sweeps the CityThe NYPD is deliberately cracking down on quality-of-life misdemeanors.
  28. Beware the Call of the Subway Emergency-Exit DoorLest you end up in jail for 28 HOURS.
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    Question of the Day: What Do People Think Actually Happens When They ‘Recall’ E-mails?Seriously, you guys.
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    The Duane Reade at Essex and Delancey Is Out of Plan BThey will have it by tomorrow. So, you know, fingers crossed!