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Public Speaking

  1. Why Audience Participation Is So TerrifyingWhat’s scarier than public speaking? Public speaking with no time to prepare.
  2. You’re Hopelessly Awkward at Leaving Voice Mails, So Just StopOne researcher compares leaving a message to stage fright—only worse.
  3. tips
    163-Point Memo Explains How to Be a Lawyer While FemaleIt is law.
  4. people who are more important than you are
    Bill Clinton Earning $11,111 a Minute for Birthday SpeechThat’s more than twice the rate that LeBron James earns. 
  5. public speaking
    Cory Booker’s Speechmaking Sideline Is Somewhat Lucrative But he gave most of it to charity.
  6. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: Fran Lebowitz on Sarah Palin, Keith Richards, Her Side Career As a Law & Order Judge, and Much MoreThe raconteur takes on all subjects in a sprawling interview.
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    David Simon Realizes That Joe Biden Is a Tough Act to FollowThe creator of ‘The Wire’ is forced to go immediately after the vice-president at a conference, and speaks to an empty room.