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Publicity Stunts

  1. classic hollywood
    8 of the Craziest Old-Hollywood Publicity StuntsIncluding shaving women’s heads in busy movie theaters and hiring lewd skywriters.
  2. international women's day 2018
    The Most Embarrassing International Women’s Day Publicity StuntsBrands … thank you.
  3. Trump’s Latest Salary Donation Publicity Stunt Won’t Curb the Opioid CrisisThe president has given $100,000 to fight the epidemic while refusing to open up much-needed federal funds.
  4. merry christmas?
    How to Get Free Birth Control in Donald Trump’s NameSort of.
  5. Bad Ideas
    Geraldo Rivera Offers to Take His ‘Demonized’ Pal Donald Trump OutPeople just don’t know the real Trump, apparently.
  6. un-coupling
    A Celebrity-Divorce Expert Tells AllTalking to the man who managed the other Jen’s breakup with Ben.
  7. Publicity Stunts
    A Restaurant Faked That Video of a Waitress Smacking a Handsy Customer“We knew that people like to watch fights.”
  8. scene stealers
    The Ecstatic Scene From Alexander Wang’s Surprise Clothing Giveaway“I just told my dad I experienced ecstasy for the first time.”
  9. Publicity Stunts
    Fat Guy Upset That Restaurant Didn’t Keep Pandering to His GluttonyOne man pickets an all-you-can-eat restaurant after they cut him off at twenty servings of fried fish.
  10. oh new jersey
    There’s Now an Action Figure for Tanorexic Jersey MotherIt can be yours for only $29.95.
  11. Video Feed
    Watch the David Chang vs. Questlove Fried-Chicken Showdown on JimmyWith guest judges Tina Fey and John Slattery.
  12. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Dictator Gave Ryan Seacrest an Ash Bath Last Night Awards, shmazords. The biggest thing you missed by falling asleep at 8:30 last night instead of watching the Oscars was Sacha Baron Cohen […]
  13. General Aladeen Gives the Academy an Ultimatum Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen took some time out of his busy schedule of executions to discuss the Academy’s recent disapproval of his plan […]
  14. publicity stunts
    PETA Wants Jamie Dimon to Give Them O.J. Simpson’s HouseNo, that’s not a Mad Libs–generated headline.
  15. the donald
    Donald Trump Is Now Accepting Gold Bullion From TenantsIt’s almost like he’s into publicity stunts or something.
  16. A Guy Selling Jokes in Central Park for $1 Each Makes More Money Than Most […]This is either inspiring or discouraging, depending on how you feel about selling the type of jokes you’d find in joke books you bought from […]
  17. publicity stunts
    Almost 1,500 People Have Signed an Online Petition to Stop Joan Rivers’s ‘Starlet or Streetwalker’ SegmentThe Girls Education and Mentoring Services is upset that it causes viewers to “laugh at [streetwalkers] and their ‘tacky, trashy clothing.’”
  18. publicity stunts
    The Situation Gloats Over Abercrombie’s 10 Percent Stock Price DipAnd MTV responds to the retailer’s press release offering to pay the ‘Shore’ cast not to wear their clothes.
  19. publicity stunts
    Abercrombie Offers to Pay The Situation Not to Wear Their ClothingIf The Situation can bask in his own publicity they can too.
  20. publicity stunts
    Yeah, So Anderson Cooper Is Not Going to Get Rid of His Silver Hair for a Million DollarsAre the “Go Away Gray” people aware that the handsome gentleman is already rich?
  21. publicity stunts
    Publicity-Seeking Artists Hide Real Money Somewhere in New YorkFind out where it’s hidden by watching their web videos.
  22. public disgust
    Dating Website Kicks Off 5,000 Members for Being FatTo our chagrin, we find ourselves offended by this publicity stunt.
  23. photo op
    Man With Giant Sword Destroys SUV in Times SquareAw, we love cable-television stunts.
  24. fox news
    Shepard Smith’s ‘Crazy’ Surprise Is Just His New Web PageIt’s neither “crazy” nor “unbelievable.”
  25. Protests
    Breaking: Protesters In Front Of XocoWorkers protesting a contracting company are using Rick Bayless’s name.
  26. publicity stunts
    Eminem Comes Clean About Brüno IncidentYes, it was planned in advance.
  27. publicity stunts
    Eminem Planned That Thing With the Guy’s Butt in His FaceSays a writer on Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards: “They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.”
  28. intel
    Great Moments in Liquor PR: The Cointreau Teese and the Jagger DaggerSeriously, we are blown away that these publicity stunts worked. And WELL!
  29. photo op
    I Poo This morning, Wednesday, December 19, 2007, Jennifer Cannon and Doy Nichols of Lexington, Kentucky, were married in the Charmin toilets in Times Square. Well, not in them, near them. The bride was wearing a toilet-paper wedding dress handmade using the Charmin brands Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong, and the groom was wearing a suit hand-knitted exclusively using thread made from the extraordinarily fibrous feces of Charmin bears Amy and Leonard, who also bore witness to the joyous occasion. As Jennifer and Doy pledged their eternal love, friends and family from their hometown expressed their delight by tossing scraps of toilet paper at the happy couple. Then everyone ate cake. Near the toilets. Okay, we were kidding about the poop suit. But the rest is too, too real.
  30. overnights
    ‘The Daily Show’ Jumps the Sand SharkYesterday The Daily Show pulled a fairly impressive publicity stunt.