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  1. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: The Pug Tuxedo Fiasco, the BBC Cheesecake Fight, and MoreWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  2. star wars
    Ladies and Gentlemen, BanthapugGeorge Lucas, are you watching?
  3. dogs
    Watch Pugs Sing Death MetalPug Rock lives!
  4. tv
    The Cartoon Batman & Robin Theme, Now Starring the Pug Who Can Say ‘Batman’Less of a “says” and more of a “creaks.”
  5. Oh No! Beloved Pet Caught in Pug of War!Dexter just wants his parents to get along.
  6. cute things
    This Halloween, Stay Safe, Stay Drunk, and Stay PuftYay! It’s the time of year for puppy costume parades!