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Great Lakes, Great Times: The Michigan Primary

Republican Candidates
Hey voters, don't let the Democrats steal Michigan's thunder tonight. There may be a much-anticipated battle between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (how do you effectively spar when walking on eggshells?), and John Edwards (and Kucinich maybe) tonight in Nevada, but don't forget the Republicans are doing something, too. They're actually, you know, voting, which is kind of a relief. And the results might have a big effect on the rest of the race. If Romney loses, many suspect it'll be the effective end of his campaign: a third big loss in a state where he spent three times as much on TV as any other candidate ($2 million) and where he actually was born. Unlike McCain, he doesn't have the luxury of spending part of today spinning a possible loss and looking forward to South Carolina. According to the most recent polls, McCain and Romney are head-to-head, pulling in around 30 percent of voters each. But turnout across the state so far has been low, and since the state allows independents to vote in party primaries, those numbers are increasingly unreliable. All of which basically means nobody knows who is going to pull it off. Pollsters and pundits are wary of making any predictions today. So if you must watch the Democratic debate, make sure you keep checking the Republican results. Because it's going to be fun as hell to watch all those TV talking heads say "I told you so" later on tonight, when in fact they told you nothing at all.