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  1. Kendrick Lamar and the Art of the Guest AppearanceWhat’s Kendrick Lamar if not Phife Dawg with a messiah complex?
  2. radio vulture
    A Tribe Called Quest Is Back in Top Form on We Got It From HereATCQ is back to acknowledge that everything’s gone to hell right now, but 2016 isn’t black America’s first rodeo.
  3. president-elect donald trump
    Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip ‘Knew’ Donald Trump Would Win“We’ve been saying, like, ‘Hey, three-quarters of the country is fucking racist,’ and everybody’s like, ‘Oh no, it isn’t.’”
  4. behind the scenes
    Watch A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip and Jarobi Rap Phife Dawg’s Brilliant Lyrics“Wherever we’re singing, Phife is here. He’s gone in the physical sense, but he’s always with us.”
  5. a tribe called quest
    Stream A Tribe Called Quest’s New Album NowWe Got It From Here … Thank You 4 Your Service has arrived.
  6. a tribe called quest
    A Tribe Called Quest Is About to Drop Their ‘Final’ AlbumThey’ll “complete [their] paths of rhythm” on November 11.
  7. best bet
    These Fancy Q-tips Will Change Your Makeup RoutineLike an “undo” button for your face. 
  8. Q-Tip Gives Iggy Azalea a Hip-Hop History LessonClass is in session.
  9. ferguson
    Q-Tip Kept the Crowd Chanting at NYC’s Ferguson Protest “It’s like there’s no value for black life at all.”
  10. right-click
    Hear a Song From Mockingjay Featuring EveryoneLorde & Co.
  11. in development
    Q-Tip, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jonah Hill Are Developing a Hip-Hop DramaOkay!
  12. videology
    ‘Thank You’ Video: Is Busta Rhymes Hip-Hop’s Most Liked?He seems to have a lot of friends.
  13. right-click
    Hear Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Q-Tip ‘Thank You’You’re welcome.
  14. stop-motion
    Watch Delicious-Looking Food Perform Iconic Rap SongsYo! Pancakes rap!
  15. party chat
    Q-Tip Suggests President Obama Is Mistaken About Kanye West“Maybe Kanye beat him in dice and he’s mad.”
  16. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Pitchfork Fest to Sir Paul McCartneyPlus: Dolly Parton, Stephen Marley, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.
  17. last night's gig
    Five Things We Learned at Last Night’s Awesome Roots ShowThe band assembled a stellar lineup of guest stars for a nineties hip-hop revue.
  18. music
    See Mark Ronson’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ VideoFeaturing Q-Tip and MNDR.
  19. quote machine
    Zach Galifianakis Has That MTV Movie Award in the BagPlus: Justin Bieber’s appeal a mystery to Justin Bieber.
  20. the industry
    James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn Totally Not Responsible for Lincoln’s AssassinationPlus: Johnny Depp! Elvis Costello! The Black Keys!
  21. quote machine
    Cameron Diaz: DeepPlus: Q-Tip vs. the mayor.
  22. gossipmonger
    Bridget Moynahan Understandably Annoyed That Gisele Claimed to Be the Mother of Her ChildPlus, Angelina Jolie teases a child with adoption, and more Real Housewives drama, in today’s gossip roundup.
  23. right-click
    New Q-Tip Video in Two Words: Soul TrainSomeone’s still making sublime nineties posi-rap!
  24. we get letters
    Q-Tip RespondsIn the November 17 issue of the magazine, we caught up with Q-Tip on the eve of the rapper’s latest comeback bid. Now, in our comments section, he reacts.
  25. quote machine
    50 Cent Not About to Engage in Beef With Bette MidlerPlus: Kevin Smith on fake poo.
  26. the sports section
    The Knicks Are to Basketball As Q-Tip Is to RappingThe rapper, who’ll perform at the Knicks home opener tomorrow night, last released a solo album in 1999, approximately the same time the Knicks were last relevant.
  27. right-click
    Vampire Weekend Put Their Feet UpPlus: Timbaland sings to a stripper!
  28. Clarification
    A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints: De Santos vs. Santos’ Party HouseBoth are owned by rockers, but one is an Italian restaurant in the West Village and the other is a downtown dance den.
  29. gossipmonger
    Penn Badgley and Blake Lively’s On-Set PDAs Are Making Everyone UncomfortablePlus! Sienna Miller and Baltazar Getty continue their gross affair, and Russell Simmons offers a free yoga lesson to a needy porn star, in today’s gossip roundup.
  30. right-click
    Q-Tip Has Fallen, But Is ‘Gettin’ Up’Plus: Smashing Pumpkins cover Iron Maiden!
  31. gossipmonger
    Ivanka Trump’s Totally Awesome Tussauds TraditionIvanka Trump has an assistant go touch up her wax statue at Madame Tussauds every week. Fourteen of America’s Next Top Models totally trashed their $6 million Tribeca loft.
  32. gossipmonger
    Mick Jagger Is Friends With Leonardo DiCaprio and Q-Tip Bruce Willis yelled, “I’ve abandoned my son!” four times while dining at Freemans with an exotic dancer the other night, then did shots with the bartender. Mick Jagger, Q-Tip, and Leonardo DiCaprio were all hanging out at Upstairs on Monday night. Kathleen Turner’s Crimes of the Heart castmates can’t tell if she’s drunk or just tired. The Observer’s Spencer Morgan “bitch slapped” Men’s Vogue writer Hudson Morgan at the Beatrice Inn, but they made up soon after. Matthew McConaughey’s chest is at the top of In Touch Weekly’s list of Top Ten hot chests. Jason Bateman and Ricky Schroder are not working on a screenplay of Silver Spoons, although that would be awesome.
  33. right-click
    Mariah Carey Mixes Physics With PleasurePlus: Amy Winehouse!