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‘Suicide in Buffalo Would Be Redundant’

• Blackouts, school closings, downed trees and power lines — and that's just on the first day of snow! Bewildered Buffalo registers two feet of the white stuff, making for the snowiest October day on record. An auspicious beginning, that. [AP via NYT] • Hey, you know what hasn't happened on the Upper East Side in a while, if by "a while" you mean 48 hours? Raging flames and mass evacuations. Behold, then, a three-alarm fire in a historic — and thankfully unoccupied — townhouse on 70th and Park, six blocks from the Lidle crash and eight blocks from the Bartha place. Does God not like UES anymore? [AP via amNY] • Istithmar, a Dubai-based investment firm, buys the W Hotel in Union Square, paying a per-room rate that beats the prices paid for the Plaza and the Essex House. The company already owns the Knickerbocker and Helmsley hotels and could well be the final bidders for Stuy Town. Cue the eighties-style the-foreigners-are-taking-over-New York hysteria. [NYS] • Some Muslims are reportedly offended by the new Apple store on Fifth Avenue, finding its architecture too similar to the Ka'ba, the sacred edifice in Mecca. They should see the Rubik's Cube. [ZDNet via Curbed] • And Con Ed has released a "definitive," 600-page report on the July blackout in Queens. We'll only need six words to capture the gist. It was all someone else's fault. The cited number of affected customers (6,800) also differs wildly from the city estimates (over 100,000). Damage control? On it. [WNBC]

Queens Latest Borough to Get New Museum; Staten Islanders Forgotten?

Like so many city trends these days, it started in Brooklyn. First, in April 2004, the Brooklyn Museum of Art unveiled its $63 million renovation, complete with a new 15,000-square-foot entrance pavilion. Seven months later came — did you hear about this little thing? — Manhattan's new MoMA, built at a cost of $858 million. And last week the Bronx Museum of the Arts unveiled a hipper façade and addition, by the Miami architects Arquitectonica. (Nicolai Ouroussoff called it "unpretentious," which is so very outer borough). Now, not to be left out, the Queens Museum of Art has announced its own $37 million expansion plan, which includes doubling the size of the museum, building an Olympic-size indoor pool, and adding an ice-skating rink with seating for 400. (It may sound more fun than it looks; the Sun called the new design "a drab gray structure.") Which all adds up to one question: What about art lovers in the city's so-often-forgotten borough, Staten Island? Don't they deserve a little newness too?

Five Nights in Queens

There was a time when just the words "Queens Restaurant Week" would have provoked laughter. But those days are no more: Beyond its cornucopia of dirt-cheap ethnic eats, the Big Borough hosts a range of good restaurants, many of which are offering three-course dinner specials for $19.86, starting tonight. There's a full list of participating eateries here, but there are only five nights to take advantage of the deal. Our choices are as follows.

Beer and Chicken, From Moonachie to Sunnyside

Every Monday, Click and Save surveys food service journalism from the previous week. Today, shaking the trees for plums, we came up with a collection that ranges from Sunnyside to Seoul, with special attention paid to beer and chicken.