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Questionable Ideas

  1. urban planning
    The Regional Plan Association Would Like to Close the Subways All NightAnd add glass partitions and gates to keep people from falling onto the tracks.
  2. South African Virginity Scholarship Found to Be ‘Fundamentally Discriminatory’Ya don’t say.
  3. A ‘Three Little Stooges’ Movie Is in the Works from ‘Deuce Bigalow’ Writer […]A new Three Stooges film is in the works, but it’s taking on a slightly different angle than the last one. According to Variety, C3 […]
  4. hmm
    Reporters and Random People Wander Around Shooting Suspects’ HouseMedia outlets rushed to show viewers … the inside of closets. 
  5. questionable ideas
    A Gun Range Wants to Help You Get Over Your Divorce Heal heartbreak the NRA way.
  6. questionable ideas
    There Is Actually Going to Be a Tetris MovieBut it won’t just be about geometric shapes.
  7. dubious makeovers
    Vogue on Sandy Relief: Just Add Ball Gowns, Models [Updated]Karlie Kloss, can you turn our power back on?
  8. neighborhood news
    Pentagon Worried About Potential Iraq War Parade in NYCCelebrating could be dangerous.
  9. Todd Philips Is Taking a ‘Renegade Approach’ to His John Belushi BiopicLast month, word came out that Todd Philips, director of Old School, The Hangover and the upcoming Due Date, had started work on a biopic based […]
  10. questionable ideas
    Why Are There No Movies About Regular Dreams?Will the success of ‘Inception’ lead to movies about non-terrifying dreams?
  11. career counselor
    What Do Aniston’s Perfumer-Auteur Goals Mean?The Paris Hilton scent and the Scorsese dreams cancel each other out.