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  1. reunions
    Let The Office Cast Brunch Get You Closer to a Reunion Than EverJust imagine Michael and Jim and Kelly were kidnapped by the Scranton Strangler on the way to buy more eggs.
  2. The Office Stars Pay Tribute to Late Hank the Security Guard Actor Hugh Dane“He was one of the greats,” Rainn Wilson tweeted of Dane, who also appeared on sitcoms like Fresh Prince of Bel-AirFriends, and The Carmichael Show.
  3. trailer mix
    Jason Statham’s The Meg Trailer: A Bigger Boat Won’t Save You NowWe’re just going to say it: that shark is too large.
  4. casting couch
    Shark-Based Action Thriller Meg Gets More Ridiculous, Casts Rainn Wilson Is this real life?
  5. casting couch
    Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette to Star in Hair Comedy PermanentThe American pantheon of movies about hair continues to expand.
  6. Patricia Arquette and Rainn Wilson to Play ’80s Hair Lovers in ‘Permanent’Patricia Arquette and Rainn Wilson just signed on to star in a movie together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two will star in […]
  7. casting couch
    See the Original US Office Casting Sign-in SheetAdam Scott as Jim? Mary Lynn Rajskub as Pam?
  8. Rainn Wilson’s Next Show is a CBS Crime Drama Called ‘Backstrom’ Rainn Wilson was planning on starring in a spin-off based around his character Dwight Schrute once The Office ended its nine-season run this […]
  9. ‘The Office’s Dwight Spin-off Is Confirmed to Air This Season as an […]A couple months ago, Rainn Wilson announced that NBC wasn’t moving ahead with The Farm, the spin-off of The Office based around his character […]
  10. repurposing
    The Office’s Ill-Fated Dwight Spinoff Will Air Its Pilot This SeasonYou’ll get a glimpse at The Farm after all.
  11. dramatic readings
    Seth Rogen, Rainn Wilson, Jack Black to Star in Ghostbusters for a NightFor a night.
  12. Rainn Wilson Spoofs Angus T. JonesStop watching this filth!
  13. nbc
    Rainn Wilson’s Office Spinoff Is DeadNBC passed on the show.
  14. last night on late night
    Axl Rose Endorsed Obama on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’Plus: Elisha Cuthbert and Conan purred and clawed at each other until Rainn Wilson barked, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. rainn wilson
    Rainn Wilson Interviews Joseph Gordon-LevittIt’s a nerd party, and you’re invited.
  16. the farm
    The Nazi Uncle in Rainn Wilson’s Office Spinoff Finally CastIt’s Die Hard 2’s Tom Bower.
  17. the farm
    Meet the Schrute Family From Rainn Wilson’s Office Spinoff Including a Bigfoot-hunting pothead brother and Nazi great uncle.
  18. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Aziz Ansari Impersonated D.J. POTUSPlus: Rainn Wilson enacted a conversation between the two “friendliest” cultures, Texan and Canadian, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  19. Did The Office Screw Up the Florida Arc?When the episode “Special Project” ended, I was excited about the future of The Office for the first time all season. It felt like things were […]
  20. attention scranton
    Why James Spader Is Leaving and Ten Other Revelations About The OfficeShow-runner Paul Lieberstein (Toby!) reveals all.
  21. in development
    Time for Dwight Schrute to Get an Office SpinoffThe beet farm is about to hit the big time.
  22. office beet
    The Office’s Dwight Schrute Only Gets Weirder Next Season, Warns Mindy Kaling“We made Rainn do some very interesting stuff so far this season.”
  23. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Compare the Office Drones’ Style Sense, Then and NowWe see how the Dunder Mifflinites have changed from season one through today.
  24. movie review
    Movie Review: Super It’s NotA scatterbrained film that sucks up the essence of so many other superheroes it loses any sense of a distinct identity.
  25. chat room
    Rainn Wilson on Super and The Office Without Steve CarellThe effect of Steve Carell’s departure from ‘The Office’ will be “85 percent downfall, 15 percent brilliant re-creation.”
  26. Rainn Wilson Is Dyna-Woman, a Lady Superhero Who’s Seen Better Days Rainn Wilson hooked up with the CollegeHumor crew to make “The Fall of Dyna-Woman,” a Dateline-style piece about a female superhero a few […]
  27. clickables
    Watch Rainn Wilson Kill His Way into Blitzen TrapperUnfortunately, he’s now the only member of the band.
  28. trailer mix
    Super Trailer: Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page Are DIY Crime-FightersIt’s the indie version of a superhero movie.
  29. clickables
    See Rainn Wilson in the Poster for SuperWhich casts Wilson as a not so powerful avenger.
  30. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for Peep World, With Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, and Michael C. HallPlus Jean Ralphio!
  31. awesome slideshow
    Tim and Eric Tell Tales About Their Celeb Guests that May or May Not Be TrueAnd as they share stories of how they booked these famous faces, we grade the odds of them just putting us on.
  32. Celebrity Settings
    Rachel Roy Helps Out Regular Folk at Forty Four; Rainn Wilson Just Jokes WithPlus: John Mayer pairs red wine with French fries, a Dom Scala sighting (!), and more, all in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  33. party chat
    Sarah Silverman on Her Upcoming Nude Scene: ‘I Am Begging You to Lower Your Expectations!’“In all honesty, I would say it’s a lot closer to Kathy Bates in ‘About Schmidt’ than, like, Julianne Moore in ‘Short Cuts.’”
  34. chat room
    Rainn Wilson on His New Spiritual Book and How The Rocker’s Epic Flop Changed His Life for the Better“If I have a legacy besides playing weird, creepy goofballs it would be to try to get the ball rolling for taking philosophy out of academia and reclaiming it for 17-year-olds … “
  35. quote machine
    Jason Schwartzman Prefers His Male Nudity LetterboxedPlus: Are angels fans of ‘Outsourced’?
  36. Amy Ryan Is Returning to The Office This SeasonAmy Ryan is returning to The Office this season. This seems to pretty obviously be Michael Scott’s out from the show: “[Amy Ryan’s] first […]
  37. music
    See Rainn Wilson in Ferraby Lionheart’s New Video, ‘Harry and Bess’Harry in this case is Harry Houdini.
  38. the office
    If Mindy Kaling Had Her Way, Dwight Would Be The Office’s New Boss“I’d love to see Rainn Wilson in that position … Dwight has become so nuanced.”
  39. the industry
    Kevin Bacon to Steal Rainn Wilson’s WifePlus: ABC orders a new show about a cranky Brit!
  40. the industry
    Rainn Wilson to Marry Liv Tyler, Whack Dudes With WrenchPlus: Sam Mason cooks dinner for rockers.
  41. quote machine
    James Brolin Shames Wife With Appearance in The GoodsPlus: Rainn Wilson not honored to be nominated.
  42. the industry
    Rainn Wilson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Befriend, Annoy Some KidPlus, ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’!
  43. blog on blog action
    State of Play, and a Brief History of Bloggers in Movies and on TV’State of Play’ offers something novel: a credulous, reverent portrait of a blogger!
  44. power trios
    Rivers Cuomo, Max Fischer, and Dwight Schrute Make Beautiful MusicWeezer’s Rivers Cuomo has recruited Rainn Wilson for his new solo material.
  45. the industry
    Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson, and Sarah Silverman Are a FamilyPlus: Tristan Wilds is killing people again!
  46. quote machine
    Viola Davis Confesses She Had Her Doubts About DoubtPlus: Cue the tiny violins for the Ting Tings.
  47. on the red carpet
    Color Wins on the SAG Awards Red CarpetFrom Eva Longoria-Parker in peach to Freida Pinto rocking periwinkle, the rainbow ruled.
  48. quote machine
    David Hasselhoff Uniting World Through Shared Love of David HasselhoffPlus: Felicity Huffman test-drives Madonna’s underpants.
  49. quote machine
    What the Hell Is Tori Amos Talking About?Plus: David Duchovny on Fox Mulder, and Rainn Wilson on Michael Bay.
  50. the industry
    Eddie Murphy Moves Back to Beverly HillsPlus: Tori Spelling returns to Beverly Hills, 50 Cent gets a reality show, and MTV wants your teenage daughter to get knocked up.
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