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Did The Office Screw Up the Florida Arc?

When the episode “Special Project” ended, I was excited about the future of The Office for the first time all season. It felt like things were actually going to start happening, rather than the show's spending nearly half the season trying to [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Movie Review: Super It’s Not

A scatterbrained film that sucks up the essence of so many other superheroes it loses any sense of a distinct identity.

By Logan Hill

Rainn Wilson Wouldn’t Mind Leaving The Office, Too

First Steve Carell ditches The Office, then Mindy Kaling hints that she's considering doing the same, and now Rainn Wilson told Vulture that he wouldn't mind leaving Scranton as well: "I would not object. I’m ready, willing, and able to move [...]

By Adam Frucci

Rainn Wilson Is Dyna-Woman, a Lady Superhero Who’s Seen Better Days

Rainn Wilson hooked up with the CollegeHumor crew to make "The Fall of Dyna-Woman," a Dateline-style piece about a female superhero a few decades past her prime whose life has descended into a spiral of drugs and toxic relationships. It's like [...]

By Adam Frucci

Today is Steve Carell’s Last Day Shooting The Office

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By Adam Frucci