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  1. Polling Is Still Working, According to Nate SilverThere’s wide variance in the new pollster ratings, but the upshot is that polling is not broken (yet).
  2. Trump Thinks He’s Wildly PopularIn Trump’s world, any adverse information about his standing is “fake,” and even positive polls don’t capture his tremendous standing.
  3. Trump Says His Approval Rate Is Near 50 Percent. It Is Not.No matter how you measure it, the president is just making stuff up.
  4. Michele Bachmann Surges Into Second Place*According to one questionable poll!
  5. Rasmussen Was Off on One Poll by 40 PointsNate Silver ranks the pollsters.
  6. One Crazy Way Health-Care Reform Could FailCould Democrats lose their filibusterproof majority before the final vote?