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Raul Castro

  1. Is America Ready for an Octogenarian President?If he runs in 2020 — much less in 2024 — Bernie Sanders would be pushing the envelope on the maximum acceptable age of elected political leaders.
  2. I Know Why Michelle Obama Gave Barack That Look at the Baseball Game in CubaWhat? What’d I say? Come on, baby — it’s jokes.”
  3. Raúl Castro Complained to President Obama That Baseball Is Too SlowOn that they seem to agree.
  4. Cuban Dissidents Continue to Be Detained Throughout Obama’s Historic VisitOne was detained on his way to an interview with CNN.
  5. In Right-Wing Fever Dream Come True, Obama Meets With Castro, Laments EmbargoWhat we did for 50 years did not serve our interests or the interests of the Cuban people,” the president said in Havana on Monday.
  6. Obama and Castro Meet History!
  7. Obama and Castro Shake Hands at Mandela Memorial, End of Cold War in SightWatch it. 
  8. Snowden May Still Wind Up on a Flight to CubaThough Castro isn’t promising anything.