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  1. game of thrones
    King Bran? Really?Bran Stark is oddly fitting as the ruler of Westeros for one simple reason: He is not a person.
  2. really?
    Ice-T Says He’s Never Eaten a BagelThat’s messed up.
  3. Really
    Living Legend Changes His Legal Name to ‘Bacon Double Cheeseburger’He swears he has no regrets.
  4. really?
    Secret Service Forced to Apologize AgainWhat did they do this time?
  5. Michigan Sex-Scandal Story Will Live Forever“My wife said, ‘Yes, run!’”
  6. really?
    Texas 9th-Grader Arrested for Building Clock [Updated]“They were like, ‘So you tried to make a bomb?’”
  7. really?
    People Are Selling Pope Tix on CraigslistHow does $3,000 for a pair sound?
  8. really?
    North Korea Says It Basically Cured All the World’s Medical ProblemsThanks, Kumdang-2!
  9. Really?
    Restaurant Plans to Replace Staffers With Flying Drones — What Could GoWatch your head!
  10. early and awkward
    Bishop Asks Voters to Write In Dead CatholicsAs always, it’s about abortion.
  11. Really
    Here’s the Scene at Today’s Opening of a Real-Life FriendsFree coffee, and one special orange couch.
  12. Watch Amazon’s Three New Comedy PilotsAmazon has released its next batch of pilots up for consideration on Amazon Instant Video today, including three comedies from Whit Stillman, […]
  13. ‘The Cosmopolitans,’ ‘Really,’ and ‘Red Oaks’ to Premiere on Amazon August […]Variety reports that Amazon just announced the premiere date for its next batch of pilots up for consideration. Out of the next five series […]
  14. Jay Chandrasekhar to Write, Direct, and Star in Amazon Pilot ‘Really’Amazon has added another comedy pilot to its lineup. Deadline reports that Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar will write, direct, and star in […]
  15. Really
    Woman Sees God in Goldfish“I think it’s a sign,” says her pastor.
  16. Video Feed
    Singer of Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Jingle Remembered on Best FuneralHis coffin looks like a smoker.
  17. really?
    Seinfeld Has Really Strong Feelings About Use of ‘Really’A comedian, a critic, and a word.
  18. ‘NY Times’ Writer Really, Really Hates the Overuse of the Phrase ‘Really?’“I could successfully argue that the ‘Really?’ epidemic on scripted shows is lazy writing; why do the hard work of spinning meaningful dialogue […]
  19. really?
    Jerry Sandusky Is Writing a Book in Jail: ReportHis wife is helping out.
  20. modernity
    The National Zoo Live-Tweeted a Panda’s Artificial InseminationJust the way nature intended it?
  21. Really
    In Perfectly Actressy Fashion, Mary-Louise Parker’s Last Supper Would BeAs Dunea says, that explains her skin.
  22. Really
    Anne Hathaway’s Engagement Party Was at Housing Works With Vegan CupcakesAim higher, Annie.
  23. really?
    The Economist Asks: ‘Why Should Women Read The Economist?’Apparently this is supposed to turn into a funny joke, but oh wait! It doesn’t work.
  24. Really?
    Today in Questionable Drink NamesOfrenda’s porny offering.
  25. fi-cri fallout
    Nothing Could Have Been Done to Prevent the Collapse of Bear Stearns, Says Former CEONope, nothing. Not a thing.
  26. johns say the darndest things
    Spitzer Compares Himself to Icarus“Those whom the gods would destroy, they make all powerful.”
  27. really?
    Jamie Dimon’s Hissy FitThe J.P. Morgan CEO lashed out at the government’s “capricious, arbitrary and punitive behavior.”
  28. really?
    South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer Compares His State’s Poor Children to ‘Stray Animals’Andre Bauer is not a highly educated man.
  29. politics as unusual
    Forget Haiti. You Know Who Has It Really Hard? Congressional Staffers“Sometimes the only chance you have to eat are hors d’oeuvres at parties.”
  30. really?
    Dubious ‘Choke’ PromotionIf you can prove that you brought the most friends with you to see the movie, Chuck will write you into his next book. You sure you want that?