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Reasons To Love New York

  1. New York’s Tiny Streets Are Simply DelightfulBut just how short are they?
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    74 of Our Favorite New Yorkers on Their Favorite Places in New YorkFrom a 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant to biking in the Rockaways.
  3. A Reason to Love New York for Every Day of 2017 (So Far)In an attempt to prove it hasn’t been such an awful year after all…
  4. A Drone’s Eye View of New YorkThe city as you’ve never seen it before — from directly overhead.
  5. 47 Reasons to Love New York, Right Now, More Than EverBecause we get under Trump’s skin. Because Chumley’s is back. Because weirdos, artists, and immigrants will never stop calling this city home.
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    44 Immigrant New Yorkers on Living in a Sanctuary CityWe may have a fabled reputation for crossed-arm toughness, but in reality, New York is the city whose arms have always been open the widest.
  7. Trump May Have America, But the City Is Still OursThe election reminded us that New York has always been a bubble. And what a bubble it is.
  8. Reasons to Love New York
    Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery’s Umber Ahmad Is Ready to Conquer New YorkShe has achieved something that’s critical to the success of any food concept in this city — she’s built hype.
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    Which New York Beefcake Calendar Is Right for You?The Pirelli calendar for people who truly love the city.
  10. These Start-ups Had a Pretty Cool Post-It-Art WarTributes to Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Star Wars, and a two-story mural of a unicorn, vomiting a rainbow.
  11. Whatever You’ve Heard, Independent Retail in New York Is ThrivingMom-and-pop stores endure and even proliferate, like pines on a rocky mountaintop.
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    The End of the Four SeasonsThe Four Seasons as remembered by five regulars.
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    The Nostalgic Comfort of Normcore DiningThere is something really great about going to a place that doesn’t have 857 Yelp reviews, where you can actually get in as a party of five without a reservation on a Friday night.
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    These Skater Girls Are Too Cool for the BoysThe Brujas are a loose collective of mostly Latinas with a set of common interests: skateboarding, gender and race politics, New York City, anti-imperialism, partying, inclusivity.
  15. Reasons to Love New York
    You Can Try a Robot-Brewed Pour-Over Coffee at the Chelsea Café GrumpySo new-Brooklyn it hurts. But it’s also mesmerizing fun to watch in action.
  16. Early-Adopter Seniors Have Totally Taken Over the Ride-Sharing App ViaTwenty-seven percent of its riders are over 55, with 10 percent of those checking in at over 65.
  17. Reasons to Love New York
    New York City Starbucks Baristas Are the Usain Bolts of Customer ServiceWe need our coffee delivered with maximum efficiency and minimal attitude, to fuel the work that makes the world go round.
  18. Inside the Court Where the Presiding Judge Is a TeenagerSince 2011, the Brownsville Youth Court, where local teens volunteer to serve as the judges, juries, and advocates, has heard around 250 cases a year.
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    I Grew Up Hasidic and Trans. Here’s How I Found a New Community.“It’s like being an immigrant in your own country. You don’t know the language, the culture, anything.”
  20. Reasons to Love New York
    On the Joys of Shopping at an Urban CostcoYou can meet friends at Black Seed on Saturday and pick up a 72-count box of Bagel Bites on Sunday.
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    How My Dentist Taught Me That I Am a New YorkerWhen he told me 80 percent of his clients grind their teeth, I assumed it was a finance thing. It turns out that it might just be a New York thing.
  22. Affordable Housing Could Look Like ThisThe view from Hunter’s Point South, the city’s largest affordable-housing development since the 1970s.
  23. Kristaps Porzingis Is Learning How to Be the Hottest Athlete in New YorkThe bad news is that everyone suddenly wants a piece of your time. The good news, however, is that everyone has to wait for you.
  24. Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the Political Appeal of a New Yawk AccentAmericans have come to associate New Yorkers, and so New York accents, with saying what you mean, intense emotional talk, and not worrying too much about whom you offend.”
  25. Can This ‘Smart Policing’ Program Teach the NYPD How to Listen?Deputy police commissioner Michael Julian has devised a three-day course designed to emphasize the civil in cop-civilian relations.
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    The Pizza-Rat Taste-TestWe let some pies sit around our offices all day, then recruited a few discerning critics in a Chinatown park after dark.
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    A Clique With a Kennedy, a Matisse, and a TrumpMinor celebrities thanks to the Rich Kids of Instagram blog, they have leveraged their hundreds of thousands of followers to further their personal brands.
  28. This 116-Year-Old Brooklyn Woman Is the World’s Oldest PersonSusannah Mushatt Jones was born in Alabama on July 6, 1899.
  29. What’s the Reason You Love New York? #RTLNYWe want to know.
  30. Photos: Why Our Readers Love New YorkSubmitted from Instagram and Twitter for our annual Reasons to Love New York issue.
  31. What’s the Reason You Love New York? #RTLNYPost your reasons with the hashtag #RTLNY on Twitter and Instagram, or leave them in the comments below, and your picks might get published in the magazine.
  32. What’s the Reason You Love New York? #RTLNYPost your reasons with the hashtag #RTLNY on Twitter and Instagram, and they might get published in the magazine.
  33. Tell Us Why You Love New York!You can be in the “Reasons to Love” issue in December.
  34. Tell Us About Your Best First Date!You could be in the magazine’s “Reasons to Love New York” issue.
  35. We Said They’d Be Famous: What Actually Happened?Checking in with the up-and-comers of 2005.
  36. Reasons to Love New York: Help Us Count the Ways (Updated)We adapt. We improve. We steamroll forward, never imagining that there’s any place but here where we could do our best. Because where else is there, really?
  37. Man Returns Wallet With $2,800 in It to OwnerGood Samaritanism strikes again.
  38. Taxi Driver Saves $21K Purse for TouristYeah, that really happened.
  39. Behind Our Miracle on the Hudson Photo ShootLaura Zych and Ben Bostic, who met and fell in love through the extraordinary events of January 15, 2009, return to the city for another cruise down the Hudson.
  40. Have You Ever Depended Upon the Kindness of Strangers?In New York. No, seriously. It’s a real question.
  41. In the Magazine
    Reasons to Love New York, Food EditionReasons to love the magazine this week: political hot-dog stands, butchers with groupies, and international grocery shopping, just to name a few.