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  1. Tillerson May Skip NATO Meeting, Head to Russia Next MonthHe doesn’t care about appearances, which is a weird trait for a secretary of State.
  2. Syrian Government Forces Are About to Deal a Crushing Blow to RebelsAssad’s army has retaken a huge chunk of rebel-held territory in the key city of Aleppo.
  3. big reveals
    Wee Baby Timberlake Is Already Big on Instagram #BabyGrizzROAR.
  4. Tween Swipes $10K for Cross-Country Cab Ride to Meet a BoyInspired.
  5. Libyan Rebels: Qaddafi Can StayThat is, if he gives up power.
  6. McCain Lands in Libya, Calls Rebels ‘My Heroes’Leading hawk gets hawkier.
  7. Qaddafi Using Internationally Banned Cluster Bombs on CiviliansWe want weapons to fight ourselves.”
  8. Obama Changes Position in Libya: NATO Will Now Stay Until Qaddafi Is GoneSo long as Qaddafi is in power, NATO must maintain its operations.”
  9. CIA Operatives Have Been on the Ground in Libya for WeeksThe U.S. also has a network of informants gathering intel.
  10. Should the U.S. Arm Libyan Rebels, Despite ‘Flickers’ of Al Qaeda Influence? [Updated]How to evade your own embargo.
  11. Clinton: Libya Should Be in U.N. HandsAnd fighting continues on multiple fronts.