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Ed Helms Is in Talks to Reboot ‘Vacation’ as Rusty

Presumably because Anthony Michael Hall and Ethan Embry were too busy, Ed Helms is in discussions to play the role of an adult Rusty Griswold who sets out to take his own family on a shenanigan-filled vacation. The film was written and will be [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Don’t Re-Boo an Office Reboot

Unpopular Opinions is a weekly column in which a writer takes a stand against popular opinion, whether it's asserting the true merit of a supposedly guilty pleasure or dissenting against the universally lauded.

By Jesse David Fox

Ready The Darrins! CBS Orders A Bewitched Reboot

So...Betty White as Endora, right? Furthering Hollywood's efforts to remake every single moving image dating back to invention of cellulose nitrate, The Hollywood Reporter says CBS has ordered a script for a possible remake of Bewitched, which [...]

By Halle Kiefer