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The Lonely Island Takes Turns on the Mic with Reggie Watts

Here's the latest installment of Comedy Bang! Bang!'s web series Reggie Makes Music featuring Friday's guests The Lonely Island, who all seem a little reluctant to take their turn on the mic but make the best of their very awkward situation. [...]

By Megh Wright

Chris Hardwick and Reggie Watts Sing a Song About a Lonely Pony

IFC just released the latest installment of Reggie Watts's web series Reggie Makes Music featuring guest Chris Hardwick, who embarks on a two-minute jam with Watts about the one thing in the world that makes everyone happy -- ponies. It's clear [...]

By Megh Wright

Watch Aziz Ansari and Reggie Watts Make Beautiful Music Together

Here's the first episode of the new season of Reggie Makes Music, Reggie Watts's web series that's a tie-in with IFC's Comedy Bang Bang. Last season, we saw Watts collaborating with Jon Hamm, Michael Cera, and Amy Poehler, and here he is doing [...]

By Bradford Evans

Weird Al and Reggie Watts Jam for Tenacious D to Dance

You might be asking: Why does Weird Al dominate the song like that, basically drowning out the other three guys? But, don't worry, they were actually performing a parody of the classic polka standard "Polka Jam #4." In order to be true to the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Ed Helms and Reggie Watts Play Legitimately Good Music Together

The Reggie Makes Music series has been a fun time of people pretending to make good music but mostly making silly music. What happens when the pairing is capable of actually making music? The two comedians have a great time and the crew setting [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Reggie Watts and Casey Wilson Duet a Delightful Ditty

It's a classic story of girl meets guy; girl sings a duet with guy, which reveals that the guy puts bugs in their soup; girl is scared of guy and sings about it; girl bonds with guy over singing "ho" and "hey;" girls agrees to get milkshakes [...]

By Jesse David Fox