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  1. Cheap Bigot Refuses to Tip Gay New Jersey Waitress I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.”
  2. Waiter’s ‘Excellent’ Service Not Enough to Overcome His Gayness#Kansas.
  3. Insane Judge Says You Can’t Name Baby ‘Messiah’Wow. 
  4. Patrick Henry Threatens to Sue Gay Student BlogA constitutional lawyer should know better.
  5. Indiana Church Goes Wild for Child’s Song About ‘Homos’ Ain’t no homos going to make it to heaven.”
  6. Romney Safe From Alternative Hair at Liberty U.The handbook forbids it.
  7. Dump Your Alzheimer’s-Stricken Wife, Says Pat RobertsonIt’s the Christian thing to do?
  8. Florida Pastor Doesn’t Get Why Atheists Aren’t Registered Like Sex OffendersIs this a common sense idea?
  9. Michele Bachmann Blames God for the Earthquake, Hurricane Irene [Updated]He’s mad about the debt, obviously.
  10. New Theory: Gay Marriage Killed Leiby KletzkyNever let a horrible tragedy go to waste, right Rabbi?
  11. Hillary Clinton’s Allergy Coughs Are Too Sexy for Some PeopleA Hasidic newspaper erased her from the iconic situation room photo.
  12. Nine Killed During Second Day of Koran-Burning Protests in AfghanistanThe violent reaction to Terry Jones burning a Koran has continued.
  13. The Thing That People Feared Would Happen After Koran Burning Has Happened [Updated]Afghan protesters killed eight to fourteen foreigners at a U.N. compound today.
  14. Terry Jones Finally Got That Koran-Burning Out of His SystemBut nobody really cares that much this time.