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Religious Discrimination

  1. Trump Won’t Take Back His ‘Muslim Ban’ Campaign PromiseEither Trump has a pathological inability to admit mistakes, or cherishes religious discrimination — or maybe both.
  2. politics
    Muslim Arizona Senate Candidate Flooded With Hateful Online CommentsDeedra Abboud, who’s running against Senator Jeff Flake, is receiving a slew of harassment online.
  3. Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Has Survived Its Early Legal ChallengesIt is looking increasingly likely that it will kick in as scheduled, on March 16. But its ultimate legal status remains up in the air.
  4. Trump Team’s Words Could Sabotage the Second Travel Ban, Just Like the FirstThe revised order fixed a lot of legal problems—but the White House can’t fix the paper trail identifying it as an intended “Muslim ban.”
  5. Trump Signs New Travel Ban, Addressing But Not Eliminating Legal QuestionsThe new ban “cures” the more obvious legal problems of the original, but is still vulnerable to the charge that its intent is a “Muslim ban.”
  6. New Travel Ban Will Resolve Some, But Not All, of Trump’s Legal ProblemsThe administration hopes a revised travel ban can cure its legal problems. But Trump’s expressed desire to discriminate against Muslims won’t go away.
  7. wtf
    Misguided Bar Staff Asks Patron to Remove Hijab to ‘Ensure Safety’ of CustomersThe lounge, a Vegas Strip hot spot, has since promised to change its headwear policy.
  8. Pray For Discount
    Restaurant Ends ‘Praying in Public’ Discount After Public Backlash“It’s a gift we give at random to customers who take a moment before their meal.”
  9. discrimination
    Aspiring Cop Says NYPD Can’t Reject Him for Hating GaysHe says wanting to lock up homosexuals shouldn’t have kept him off the force.
  10. Lawsuits
    Mangia Worker Sues After Ten Years of Alleged Anti-SemitismA worker at Sasha Muniak’s upscale takeout joints says he dealt with slurs and worse.