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  1. 2020 elections
    Trump Planning a Real Coronation for His 2020 ConventionRepublicans don’t want to repeat the sloppy disunity of 2016’s convention. In 2020, Democrats may be the party that’s all over the place.
  2. Trying to Understand All the Silence and Noise of the RNC and DNCDuring my time at the conventions, I ended my days exhausted. My body actually hurt from too much listening. But I felt less angry.
  3. dynasties
    The Power of Political DaughtersWhy Ivanka and Chelsea are such important advocates for their parents.
  4. Why Democrats Really Do Need to Talk About Terrorism and CrimeBoth parties seem to be slipping back into the stupid habit of dividing up issue areas and refusing to address the other party’s.
  5. huh? in cleveland
    All Samantha Bee Needs to Conquer the Political Conventions Is a Cozy AirbnbVulture’s correspondent Liz Meriwether caught up with the Full Frontal host in Cleveland.
  6. Donald Trump Is Now Leading in the Polls Some predicted he wouldn’t get a bounce following a turbulent RNC. But he did. And now he’s polling ahead of Clinton.
  7. huh? in cleveland
    All Samantha Bee Needs to Conquer the Political Conventions Is a Cozy AirbnbVulture’s correspondent Liz Meriwether caught up with the Full Frontal host in Cleveland.
  8. Ivanka’s RNC Dress Was From Her Own Line — But It Wasn’t Made in the U.S.Note to Ivanka: Manufacturing a clothing line in the United States won’t necessarily hurt your bottom line.
  9. pants on fire
    Trump Embraces LGBTQ Community, But Only As a Weapon Against IslamDon’t be fooled by his pro-gay sound-bites.
  10. huh? in cleveland
    Which Game of Thrones Characters Are Republican?“It’s kind of hard to cast all the Lannisters as one political ideology. The father is obviously quite fascist. And the daughter’s just kind of bat-shit crazy.”
  11. The Snapchat Wars Began With Trollish Hillary Filter at RNCOuch.
  12. the body politic
    Ivanka’s Right About Women, Wrong on Dad’s PlanThe evidence shows Trump himself, and certainly the GOP, wants to return women to a subservient past.
  13. republican national convention
    Peter Thiel Is Pro-Trump, Mainly Because He’s Pro-TrollingHis speech at the RNC didn’t make any sense, and that may be the point.
  14. The Christian Right Has Surrendered to TrumpSo recently an electoral and ideological fountainhead for the GOP, Evangelicals have given themselves over to a Philistine. 
  15. What’s at Stake in Donald Trump’s RNC Speech TonightHard to know what to expect when a pol who famously likes to improvise delivers the biggest speech of his life in Cleveland tonight.
  16. Maybe Peter Thiel Just Wants to Make MoneyFor the all the speculation about the tech billionaire’s reasons for supporting Trump, the answer might be right in front of us.
  17. Will the Conservative Resistance to Trump Fade or Grow?Normally, party dissidents get with the program sooner rather than later after a nominating convention. Hard to say if that will happen with this year’s GOP.
  18. everyday sexism
    Phyllis Schlafly: No Need for a Female President“They’ve been very good for our country.”
  19. huh? in cleveland
    You Did Good, Ted CruzIf anyone has ever said those five words before, it wasn’t me. But here we are.
  20. Hey, Ivanka Trump: This College Student Found Your Missing EarringA student says she found Trump’s earring on the floor at the RNC.
  21. Trump Campaign Forgets Real Audience Not at RNCSure, every partisan political-convention crowd needs a little red meat to keep the energy level high. But this is ridiculous.
  22. huh? in cleveland
    Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins Talks Politics“I’m up there talking about how people like my gay cousin are still not considered to be enfranchised fully into the American fabric, and a guy is booing me.”
  23. huh? in cleveland
    You Wouldn’t Understand Melania Trump’s My Little Pony Glimmer TruthsMelania’s unicorn horn poked Donald in the stomach, but he didn’t say anything. He just held her hoof while she cried a little.
  24. What Cruz, Rubio, & Walker Need to Do at the RNCThree pols who lost to Trump but probably still see a future president in the bathroom mirror each morning face interesting challenges.
  25. This Is Why Ben Carson Was Talking About Lucifer at the RNCThe devilish plot he invokes is a common right-wing conspiracy theory, but it’s one never heard from the podium of a national political convention.
  26. father of the year
    Tiffany Trump Tasked With the Impossible: Making Her Father Seem HumanHer speech contained just two personal anecdotes, and both were kind of sad.
  27. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Breaks Out His Trump Impression to Skewer the Republican Convention“Did you see Melania? She stole the show. Literally.”
  28. 2016 rnc
    Third Eye Blind Trolled the Hell Out of the RNC, Remain Semi-CharmingThis is one ledge Stephan Jenkins wants the GOP to jump off.
  29. gallery
    Scenes From Cleveland on Day 2 of the Republican National ConventionProtests continued as Donald Trump officially became the nominee.
  30. GOP Formally Nominates Trump, in Weird FashionHe finally got it. But there were gaffes along the way.
  31. friendship is magic
    RNC Official Defends Melania With My Little PonyWhat the hay?
  32. huh? in cleveland
    Giuliani’s RNC Encore? Singing Children’s SongsHe reportedly recorded a children’s album of lullabies earlier this year called AMERICA! GREATNESS! GO TO SLEEP NOW!
  33. The Party of Trump Doesn’t Have Much to Offer Bernie VotersYou figure that on “Economy Night,” they will try to find common ground. Good luck with that.
  34. The ‘Hillary for Prison’ Meme Is Spinning Out of Control at the RNCWhy is it taking on the feeling of a Trump campaign promise?
  35. everyday sexism
    MSNBC Anchor Skewers Scott Baio for Sexist Jokes About Female PoliticiansLike that one time he tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton in front of the C-word. 
  36. Black Lives Matter Supporters on Police“They’re scared. We’re scared.”
  37. America Inspired by Teen Protester’s Call at RNC: ‘Make Memes Great Again’It’s time to make memes great again.
  38. Why You Should Watch the Conventions on Twitch, the Video Game-Streaming SiteThe game-streaming service provides an oddball lens for the proceedings.
  39. receipts
    ‘I Was Born a Poor Black Child’ and Other #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotesMore “fragments that reflect her own thinking.” 
  40. shade
    CNN Chyron Roasts Antonio Sabato Jr.I see no lies here.
  41. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reunite on TLSAre we out of the woods yet?
  42. republican national convention
    Melania Trump Plagiarized an Entire Paragraph From Michelle Obama’s 2008 SpeechThe campaign admits her team of writers “included fragments that reflected her own thinking,” whatever that means.
  43. republican national convention
    Motley RNC Protesters Show Just How Many Types of People Fear a Trump PresidencyThey’re outnumbered and disorganized, but they’re making their point.
  44. early and often
    The Trump Campaign Failed Melania — and Not Just Because of the PlagiarismIf they had actually paid attention to Michelle Obama’s 2008 address, Trump’s speech wouldn’t have been so empty and meaningless.
  45. donnie loves chachi
    Watch the Promised Scott Baio RNC Speech “Is Donald Trump a messiah?”
  46. gallery
    Scenes From Cleveland on Day One of the Republican National ConventionPeople voiced their opinions on Trump all around town.
  47. proceed to checkout
    Melania Trump Bought Her Own Dress for the RNCShe wore a $2,190 dress by Roksanda.
  48. Donald Trump Uses Queen Song, Controversy EnsuesThe band claims it never gave permission.
  49. republican national convention
    Trump’s Bid to Transform the GOP Into the Abusive-Daddy PartyRepublicans are counting on making this a “national-security election,” with voters trusting in the most violent president you can imagine.
  50. republican national convention
    Trump Taps Apprentice Star Omarosa for New Job “You’re hired.”
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