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Resident Evil

  1. All 33 Video-Game Movies, Ranked From Least Bad to Absolute WorstIt’s time to stop judging video-game movies the way we judge other movies, and instead start weighing them exclusively against their peers.
  2. trailer mix
    Evil Comes Home in the New Trailer for Resident Evil: The Final ChapterIt all ends in January 2017.
  3. box office gold
    The Fifth Resident Evil Actually Did Pretty WellAnd The Master booked the strongest exclusive opening ever.
  4. cheek by jowl
    A Primer on P.T. Anderson v. Paul W.S. AndersonOther than the obvious ways, of course.
  5. last night on late night
    Fire Alarm Goes Off on Conan Mid–Van Der BeekPlus: Chelsea Handler threw a zombie foot at Milla Jovovich’s face, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  6. Guess Which Video Game the Student-Visa-Bearing Saudi Bomb Plotter Was Obsessed With?We’ll give you a hint. It’s ‘Resident Evil.’
  7. party chat
    Milla Jovovich: We’re ‘Definitely’ Making a Fifth Resident Evil‘We’ve been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter.’
  8. vulture lists
    The Practicality of Female-Action-Hero FashionRemember when Milla wore that half-severed prom dress in ‘Resident Evil 1’?
  9. Slumlord Watch List: New York’s 153 Worst LandlordsThere was something lurking in Lakisha Haywood’s toilet.