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Condos and Beer (Which Could Well Be New York's New Motto)

Bed-Stuy: A new wave of Bed-Stuy condos go where no condos have gone before. (East, of course). [Brownstoner] Boerum Hill: Mmmm, beer: Cask Ale Festival kicks off at the Brazen Head on Atlantic Avenue. [Brooklyn Record] Soho: Bedbugs chase Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson from Greene Street. [NYP] Financial District: A 24-hour diner will invade Gold Street in January. As if bankers don't just order in, anyway. [MetroNY] East Village: "Loanshark Bob" Marion returns to Avenue A after years of absence. Hooray. [Neither More Nor Less]

Daniel Picketed!

When you drop $216 on dinner for two – that's with one drink and a tip, of course – you naturally expect what Zagat reviewers have dubbed a "luxurious temple" of "fine dining" where the "flawless" New French fare is "enthralling," the wines "wonderful," service "seamless," and the "exquisite room" "adorned with gorgeous flowers." What you might less expect, however, is a "labor war" "brewing" "out front." But that's just what diners at Daniel – a 28/28/28, if you're keeping track at home – discovered when they arrived Tuesday night. Grubbie Josh Ozersky explains that Mr. Boulud is battling a group called the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, and he lays out the terms of the battle on Grub Street. Daniel Under Attack! (Again) [Grub Street]

When Chefs Wish Upon a Star...

Allons, enfants de la patrie, le jour de Michelin est arrivé! That's right, enfants, the new New York Michelin rankings came out yesterday, and it's good to be Per Se, Le Bernardin, or Jean Georges — the city's only three-star establishments. There are plenty of reasons for people to be happy, but also plenty of things to grumble about. Down on Grub Street, Josh Ozersky gives his take on the red book's choices — and he gets some chefs, including starry Eric Ripert, to weigh in, too. Michelin's Explosive New Red Book [Grub Street] Chefs Curse, Bless New Michelin Guide [Grub Street]

Gramercy Bookkeeper Goes to Prison, Inhospitably

"Service is delivering on your promise," famously friendly restaurateur Danny Meyer recently told New York. "Hospitality is making people feel good while you're delivering on that promise." So here's an etiquette question: What's the proper protocol when you're about to be sent to prison for embezzlement? Meyer's former Gramercy Tavern bookkeeper, Sandrene Austin, helped herself to an estimated $275,000 in the nearly two years she worked for him, skimming a few hundred bucks each week and covering the discrepancy by inflating the number of gift certificates redeemed. The five-and-a-half-months pregnant 28-year-old was sentenced to three years in jail yesterday, as the Post reported. But here's the beauty part: She could have gotten off without any jail time if she'd just shown remorse and returned the money. Why didn't she do that? Because she'd purchased a Queens home for herself and her family with the money, and the family didn't want to sell the house. After all, without it, how could they be hospitable? — Doree Shafrir Pub Bookkeep Thief Gets 3 Yrs. [NYP] Danny Meyer Walks Into a Pub [NYM]