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Mock-Cotton-Field Weekend Begins With ‘White’ Party

Last night the Supima cotton held a "white" party (à la Diddy) to celebrate today's opening of its Soho pop-up shop, which will feature clothes from AG Adriano Goldschmied, Three Dots, Zooey, and a bunch of other lovely designers. As we reported earlier, Supima will promote the store by setting up a "mock cotton field" on the corner of Broadway and Houston today and tomorrow, where they'll hand out real cotton branches to passersby. We had to know how, oh how, they came up with this idea.

First Look at H&M's Marimekko Collection

Here’s a very early look at what to expect from H&M's tribute to Marimekko, which hits stores April 10. A brief summary: colors, colors, and more colors. Since it’s not a designer collaboration like Karl Lagerfeld or Roberto Cavalli, the price point is lower than you might expect. A one-piece swimsuit is $34.90, an apron dress is $49.90. The 50 piece collection also includes menswear: Bermuda shorts are $39.90, short-sleeved shirts are $29.90. On the whole, the collection packs enough vivid patterns and punchy colors to make dressing for even the stickiest New York afternoon feel a little more like preparing for a tropical vacation. Check out the rest of the women's collection after the jump.

Juicy Couture Targets Bad Boys, Will Make Slogans for Tushes of All Ages

Juicy Couture has big, bad plans to expand, starting with a new fragrance for men called Dirty English. The label's founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy say the fragrance is a mixture of Anglomania, CZ Guest, and a "dash of attitude inspired by a 1976 review of a Sex Pistols concert." What man wouldn't want to smell like the British, a female beauty icon, and a smelly Sex Pistols concert?

Americans Don't Want Luxury, But the World Still Loves Gucci

Gucci wins the fabulous contest! According to a Nielsen Group survey, it's the world's most coveted luxury brand. WWD reports:

In an online poll of 25,000 consumers in 48 countries … one in five respondents said they would choose to buy Gucci over any other luxury brand if money were no object.

Canal Street Update: Police Confiscate Bags of Bags

Police are busy clearing out the fake merchandise from the 32 Chinatown shops that were shut down by the city yesterday; we snapped this photo on Canal Street this morning amid a gaggle of forlorn tourists. They came all this way from Iowa, and now look.

Supima Cotton Gives NYC Its Own Cotton Field

Supima Cotton is opening up a pop-up store in Soho on March 14, featuring pieces by fifteen contemporary designers like AG Adriano Goldschmied, Three Dots, Gilded Age, and Zooey. And what's a store opening, really, without a crazy promotional campaign? Before the store flings open its doors they plan to promote it with — we shit you not — a cotton field on the corner of Broadway and Houston.