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  1. holidaze
    Gifts to Buy for Five Impossible-to-Shop-For PersonalitiesForty perfect presents from eight of New York’s best indie stores.
  2. retail therapy
    How eBay Became a Fast-Fashion GraveyardIn which the collaboration-reselling bubble has burst.
  3. cheap threads
    The Internet’s First (Real) Fashion LabelAt Everlane, an argument against high quality coming at a high price.
  4. you get a car
    Do People Still Buy Oprah’s Favorite Things?HARPO’s president and fashion brands parse through this week’s OWN special with the Cut.
  5. hurricane sandy
    The Only Clothing Store That’s Open in SohoWhere tourists are buying jeans with the aid of flashlights. 
  6. New Yorkers Aren’t Stress-Shopping Online This WeekBut here’s what Hurricane Sandy means for holiday retail.
  7. breakthroughs
    Saudi Women Are Finally Allowed to Sell Bras to One AnotherBelieve it or not, this is quite a breakthrough.
  8. quotables
    ‘An Unpopped Collar Is Like an Unloved Woman: a Tragedy’Thanks, New York Times.
  9. it's a confusing thing
    Why Would JCPenney Want to Snatch Martha Stewart From Macy’s?JCPenney’s just-announced 17 percent, $38.5 million stake in Martha’s brand has the retail industry wondering how the deal is supposed to help reinvent the store.
  10. neighborhood blues
    New York Bodegas Are Still ‘a Dying Breed’Noooooo!
  11. war-mart
    You Might Be Surprised by What New Yorkers Think of Wal-MartThey like it, and most of them want one in their neighborhood.
  12. retail
    Chinese Ikeas Sound Like Fun“Every bed in the 43,000-square-meter store is occupied, with some children and adults fast asleep under the covers.”
  13. vermin!
    Bloomingdale’s Admits to Finding ‘One Bedbug’ in Its Flagship StoreThey did not close down, and claim the problem has been treated.
  14. vermin!
    The Nike Store in Soho Is Closed to Treat a Bedbug Problem [Updated]This is the second Nike store to close for bedbugs in a week.
  15. vermin!
    The 95,000-Square-Foot Niketown on 57th Street Has BedbugsIt’s closed until further notice.
  16. ins and outs
    Barneys Finally Hired a CEO After Two Years Without OneThey’ve only been without one for two years.
  17. political targets
    Target Rejects Demand for Pro-Gay-Rights DonationsBut they are sorry for donating to anti-gay-rights candidates, nonetheless.
  18. backlash
    Is Urban’s ‘Ironic’ New Storefront Mocking Mom-and-Pop Shops?Or just paying its respects?
  19. duane reade
    Duane Reade Aims for Elegance and Ubiquity in ManhattanThis is not your grandma’s drugstore.
  20. vermin!
    Retailers Seem Afraid to Talk About BedbugsThe should reassure us their stores are bedbug-free.
  21. vermin!
    Bedbugs Strike Again, This Time at Victoria’s Secret on LexingtonIs this the sign of a retail bedbug epidemic?
  22. the heat
    At Least This Heat Has Been Great for RetailEven bedbug Hollister!
  23. retail giants
    Pumping Gas Inspired Forever 21’s CEO to Get Into FashionNice cars mean a lot, especially when you live in L.A.
  24. Wal-Mart Is Terrified of Selling Clothes, Especially Fashionable OnesKathy Lee Gifford is partly to blame.
  25. eff the recession
    Hamptons Now Plagued With Value RetailBut will it last or is the money coming back?
  26. retail estate
    Swatch Might Take Over the Twenty-Floor Takashimaya BuildingDoes the city need that much Swatch?
  27. boobs or lose
    Why Don’t More Designers Make Plus-Size Bras?The average American woman’s cup size is a 36DD; ten years ago, it was a 36C.
  28. disco shopping
    Limelight to Open FridayGear up for Chelsea’s sprawling new mini-mall.
  29. disco shopping
    Limelight Marketplace Opening Date Delayed to May 7When we visited the space last week, it still looked very much like a construction site.
  30. store openings
    DVF and Ralph Lauren to Open in Soho — Are the Lower-End Stores on the Way Out?Lately, they seem to be the only set that can afford the spaces.
  31. disco shopping
    Greenpoint Jewelry Store Old Hollywood Joining the Limelight MarketplaceIt’s the only jewelry vendor in the three-story complex so far.
  32. foreigners are fun
    Retailers Want to Open Stores in Canada, Where Things Feel SafeVictoria’s Secret, the Gap, and J.Crew all have plans for that country.
  33. boobs or lose
    The Full-Figured Bra Business Is Booming, and Oprah Is Its ‘Champion’The median bra size in this country is a 36DD now.
  34. disco shopping
    Will the Limelight Marketplace Be a Success?Get your glow sticks ready! It opens soon.
  35. retail roasting by an open fire
    Fire Sale! Macy’s Evacuated After Escalator Mini-BlazeAnother reason to do your shopping online.
  36. Openings
    Get Your West Town Drink OnLush West Town has cleared its licensing hurdles and is ready to open.
  37. second chances
    Consignment and Resale Shops Are Doing Just Fine, ThanksRetail may be down, but consignment is up — way up.
  38. the future
    BCBG Starts Selling Spring 2010 Moments After Show EndsThe curve is moving so fast, we’re not sure we can get ahead of it.
  39. recession store-ies
    Another Tale of Hopelessness in RetailChristmas promotions have already started.
  40. buyer's guide
    Factoriem Showcases Emerging Designers and Young ArtistsBinna Lee’s shop features clothes designed by many of her friends.
  41. Nordstrom Is Launching a Twilight LineIt’s the retail equivalent of selling out.
  42. mind the gap
    Uniqlo Owner to Buy the Gap?The owner wants to expand, and buying a chain is easier than opening a bunch of new stores.
  43. loose threads
    Sasha Obama Matches Michelle; Calvin Klein Retail Stores Halt DevelopmentAlso, a man was jailed in Dubai for wearing a Marc Jacobs T-shirt with a nude Victoria Beckham on it.
  44. style bloggers
    Your Favorite Style Bloggers to Become Canadian MannequinsHolt Renfrew puts Bryanboy, the Sartorialist, and others on display.
  45. loose threads
    Eddie Bauer About to File for Bankruptcy; Natalia Vodianova to DesignAlso, Net-A-Porter’s profits rose 234 percent last year.
  46. Comme des Garçons Black Is Coming to New York and It Sounds Absolutely GeniusThink of it as shopping at a regular Comme des Garçons, but everything’s half price.
  47. body issues
    The Trouble With Plus-Size ClothingUnlike smaller sizes, it’s just not made to fit people well.
  48. loose threads
    Saks Readies to Open Its $30 Million Floor; Courtney Love to Design Clothes?Also, Michelle Obama took Sasha and Malia shopping at Bonpoint in Paris.
  49. the greatest depression
    Is This the Iconic Image of the Greatest Depression?Or just a bunch of people standing in line?
  50. recession store-ies
    Barneys Might Have Avoided Those Bad Financial Problems If They Had Just Hired a Darn CEOThey’ve been CEO-less for over a year. What gives?
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