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Reverend Al Sharpton

  1. existential questions
    Why Has the Reverend Al Sharpton Started Thirst-Trapping?Today in memes.
  2. Things Are Complicated for Reverend Al SharptonHe’s hosting the president just days after being outed as an FBI informant.
  3. shop and frisk
    Jay Z, Al Sharpton Comment on Barneys’ Racial Drama“Stop and frisk” is now “shop and frisk.”
  4. backlashes
    Barneys Enlists Al Sharpton’s Help in Racial-Profiling AccusationsCEO Mark Lee will meet with the Reverend next week.
  5. Andrew Breitbart Lambasts MSNBC in Unaired Interview for Prepping the Race CardSays MSNBC hired Reverend Al Sharpton to be a “professional race arsonist.”
  6. Election Eats
    Lunch With the RevWhat did Caroline Kennedy order at Sylvia’s?