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Little Pig Boy James Franco Hosts ‘SNL’

Seth Rogen said what we were all thinking: SZA was the thing to get stoked for last week on SNL. “This is my fourth time hosting,” admitted James Franco, “which is the most you can do without it being special.” And this was not a special night [...]

By Bethy Squires

‘Mrs. Maisel’ Is Marvelous

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an incredibly joyful show. Given, of course, that it takes place in 1958 and the protagonist’s husband leaves her and their two children on erev Yom Kippur. And given, of course, that when she starts to channel her [...]

By Harry Waksberg

Saoirse Ronan Was a Ghost the Whole Time on ‘SNL’

Much of the buzz for this week’s SNL surrounds “Welcome to Hell,” a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-esque pop number about all the men being exposed as predators this year. It was a fun take on an exhausting and triggering news cycle. Yet other sketches in [...]

By Bethy Squires

‘Great News’ Will Fill the ‘30 Rock’-Sized Hole in Your Heart

In this era of “peak TV” it’s easy for genuinely great comedies to fly under the radar. But as more and more streaming shows create tons of edgy buzz or controversy, network sitcoms can feel far more ignored than they used to be. So maybe [...]

By Erica Lies

‘SNL’ Celebrates Thanksgiving with Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper’s SNL episode could never have happened without the show’s recent, much needed diversity push. Chance could have hosted before, but he wouldn’t have starred in four sketches where the majority of players were black. These [...]

By Bethy Squires

Tiffany Haddish Was Ready for ‘SNL’

The best episodes of live television have a nervous excitement to them. People are stoked to be there, on camera, knowing they have the power to cuss but that they’re not going to. Tiffany Haddish, who blew up this past summer from her role in [...]

By Bethy Squires

Larry David’s Cringe and Cameo-Heavy Return to ‘SNL’

So Larry David’s Holocaust joke didn’t go over well. Let’s get that out of the way. “I’ve always been obsessed with women,” said David right after making a joke about Harvey Weinstein, “and I’ve often wondered if I’d grown up in Poland when [...]

By Bethy Squires

Mitchell and Webb Level Up in Their Sitcom Reunion ‘Back’

Back is the latest show to star David Mitchell and Robert Webb, the stars of Peep Show. In many ways, Back is a reprisal of their odd couple dynamic -- Mitchell plays a buttoned-up creep who relates to the world through metaphors about global [...]

By Harry Waksberg