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Paranoia in ‘High Maintenance’s Second Season

The new season of High Maintenance starts in the same spot HBO’s first season started: with the semi-protagonist weed dealer, The Guy, getting a haircut. In the HBO pilot (the series is a continuation of a web series that ran on Vimeo for 19 [...]

By Harry Waksberg

‘Portlandia’ Says Goodbye at Just the Right Time

Season 1 of Portlandia opened with a song that promised a Pacific Northwest heaven: it was like the 1990s forever, “when people were content to be unambitious, sleep to eleven, just hang out with their friends... You'd have no occupations [...]

By Harry Waksberg

Season 21 of ‘South Park’ Bounces Back After a Rocky Start

At the halfway point of South Park's 21st season, my reaction was a bit mixed. On one hand, they gave us a brilliant look at the opioid epidemic with “Hummels and Heroin,” and Tweek’s fear of Garrison/Trump in “Put It Down” cleverly reflected [...]

By John Hugar

Little Pig Boy James Franco Hosts ‘SNL’

Seth Rogen said what we were all thinking: SZA was the thing to get stoked for last week on SNL. “This is my fourth time hosting,” admitted […]

By Bethy Squires

‘Mrs. Maisel’ Is Marvelous

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an incredibly joyful show. Given, of course, that it takes place in 1958 and the protagonist’s husband leaves her and their two children on erev Yom Kippur. And given, of course, that when she starts to channel her [...]

By Harry Waksberg