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  1. abortion
    Why Republicans Keep Talking About Ultrasounds Anti-abortion rhetoric is likely to play a big role in the upcoming presidential election.
  2. rhetoric
    Foxy Brown Still Gives Good Quotes“You’d have thought Obama was in the building when I walked in [to Riker’s].”
  3. Mitt Romney Won’t Let You Catch Him In a GaffeYou have to be careful these days.”
  4. U.N. Security Council to Discuss Libya TodayDiplomats circulated a draft resolution that calls for an investigation into crimes against humanity.
  5. False Alarm: Sarah Palin Hasn’t Changed One BitShe has NOT ditched “don’t retreat, reload.”
  6. Obama ‘Recalibrates’ on Ground Zero MosqueRights vs. Wisdom.
  7. Obama Gets Emotional, Targets Health-Insurance IndustryPrez warns against giving in to “political fears.”