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  1. GOP Competition to Show Who Loves Trump Most Could Backfire in NovemberExtremist candidates have hurt the GOP in the recent past. Association with an unpopular extremist president could do the same this year.
  2. Roy Moore’s Troubles Could Open a Door to a Democratic SenateIt’s early days, but allegations of predatory behavior by the Alabamian could reduce the GOP’s Senate margin to one vote.
  3. Republican Adviser Lashes Out at Her Party’s Rape Caucus Karen Hughes is really sick of these guys. 
  4. the war on women
    A Disaster of a Night for the GOP Rape and Abortion CaucusA victory for women and other empathetic humans.
  5. Rape Comments Aside, Akin and Mourdock Are Flush With GOP MoneyRepublicans would very much like to take back the Senate.
  6. Obama Weighs In on Mourdock, Says ‘Rape Is Rape’ on LenoThis is exactly why you don’t want politicians, mostly male, making decisions about women’s health care.”
  7. politics
    Mourdock’s Opponent Just the Lesser of Two EvilsHe’s a pro-life Democrat reducing women’s rights to a campaign stunt.
  8. politics
    Do You Have Republican Rape Outrage Fatigue?The alarming efficiency of covering Richard Mourdock’s controversy.
  9. Mourdock: ‘God Intended’ Pregnancy From RapeJust what the GOP wanted: more about the “war on women.”
  10. Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock Has Been to the FutureHe’s already released a message celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Obamacare.