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  1. Hillary Clinton’s ‘Faith Adviser’ Also Offered Bad AdviceBurns Strider may or may not be guilty of sexual misconduct. But it sounds like he was guilty of political malfeasance.
  2. diet creation myths
    Are Master Cleanses Part of God’s Master Plan?There is a difference between godly and ungodly dieting.
  3. Rick Warren’s Son Committed Suicide With ‘Unregistered’ Gun Bought OnlineThe serial number was scratched off.
  4. Mega Pastor Rick Warren’s Son Commits SuicideThe 27-year-old had been “struggling with mental illness and deep depression.”
  5. bons mots
    Rick Warren Doesn’t Want to Pay More TaxesThe megapastor’s megagaffe.
  6. Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery Yesterday: Offensive or A-Okay?Some sensitive souls found offense in both Warren and Lowery’s addresses. Others did not!
  7. Rachel Maddow on Being ‘Enraged’ by Obama, and the Future of Fox NewsAll we had to do was ask about Rick Warren.
  8. Gays Look Forward, Try Not to Dwell on Rick WarrenIf Obama delivers on his policy promises, the pastor will be an afterthought.
  9. Gay Bishop to Kick Off Obama’s Inaugural FestivitiesBut it’s not because all those liberals were pissed off about Rick Warren. Seriously.
  10. Gay Saber-Rattling Finally Spooks Rick WarrenEither that or Barack Obama did.
  11. Obama’s Outreach to Religious Right Somehow Not Sitting Well With LiberalsWhy is Rick Warren giving Obama’s inaugural invocation?
  12. Who Won the Showdown at Saddleback?Pastor Rick was able to summon sides of the candidates we can’t usually see in standard debates.