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  1. 4 Paralympians Ran the 1,500-Meter Final Faster Than Anyone at Rio This SummerClearly, this is the class to beat.
  2. boss women
    Not to Brag, But American Women Won the Most Medals in RioThey won more medals than most countries.
  3. Ryan Lochte Sits Down for a Matt Lauer InterviewFollowing the announcement of an IOC investigation.
  4. lochtegate
    Gunnar Bentz Gives a Statement on LochteGate The jeah thickens.
  5. 2016 olympics
    Simone Biles Wins Gold on Floor ExerciseShe leaves Rio with four golds and a bronze.
  6. can u not
    Chinese Diver’s Boyfriend Proposes, Ruins MomentThe BBC called Qin Kai’s proposal to He Zi “an even bigger prize.”
  7. Britain’s 42-Year-Old Distance Runner Is a Sign of Athletics to ComeAge is just a number, and aging depends on the body doing it.
  8. 2016 olympics
    Simone Biles Just Won Gold in Olympics Women’s All-Around The best gymnast in the world took what’s hers.
  9. 2016 olympics
    A Dumb Rule Screwed Gabby Douglas Out of the Women’s All-Around FinalsThere will be no repeat performance from her.
  10. 2016 olympics
    Kristin Armstrong Won Third Olympic Gold at 42“For all the moms out there, I hope that this was a very inspiring day.” 
  11. 2016 olympics
    Katie Ledecky Is the Olympic Hero We NeedShe’s too busy winning to participate in your pettiness.
  12. 2016 olympics
    Nobody Is More Into the Olympics Than Matthew McConaugheyAlright alright alright!
  13. 2016 olympics
    The 7 Emotional Stages of the Olympics, As Told by Chinese Swimmer Fu YuanhuiHer face does not lie.
  14. are they actually friends
    Is the U.S. Gymnastics Team Really Friends?Let’s investigate.
  15. draaahma!
    How to Watch the Olympics If You Hate Sports But Love DramaOur greatest biannual reality show.
  16. gratuitous male objectification
    Your Guide to Gratuitous Male Objectification at the OlympicsA horndog tour of Rio 2016.
  17. Russian Whistle-blower Yulia Stepanova and the Olympic Anti-Doping FarceRevealing the cracks in the system that’s supposed to protect the integrity of the Games.
  18. calm the frick down
    Why the Olympics Are Unlikely to Spread ZikaDeep breaths, everyone.
  19. cheat sheets
    Everything You Need to Know About Today’s Louis Vuitton Cruise ShowSpace-suit dresses and a leather boombox.
  20. casting couch
    Ryan Guzman Will Be Rio in Jem and the HologramsHe’ll play Jem’s love interest.
  21. sequels
    Rio Sequel Seems ImminentBut will it dance in the sand?
  22. weekend box office
    Pirates of the Caribbean Wins the Box OfficeThe latest ‘Pirates’ installment earned nearly $91 million.
  23. overnights
    Amazing Race Finale Recap: Baby, They Got Me In All Sorts of Tight StuffDancing the samba, Brazilian waxes, and a tricycle race determined this season’s winner.
  24. weekend box office
    Fast Five’s $83 Million Opening Breaks Records“The 2011 box office slump is now officially history.”
  25. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Young Tina Fey Was Weird But Her Star Wars Views Were Dead OnPlus, Gary Busey talks some classically awkward smack about Meatloaf, on our regular late-night roundup.
  26. breakthroughs
    Vulture’s Breakthrough Theory on Why Some Animated Bird Movies Fly and Some PlummetWe have sifted through Looney Tunes, Disney, DreamWorks, and more libraries to come up with a four-point test.
  27. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg Talks Rio in His Very Jesse Eisenberg WayAnd it’s, um, charming.