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  1. We’ve Partnered with Rituals to Rebalance Shower TimeTo be uber-chill or squeaky clean? Enter to win some luxe body care that can do both.
  2. T.J. Miller Smokes Herb Before He Does Stand-up and It’s Not WeedDon’t ask about the sandwiches.
  3. lab rat
    The Best Body Wash Is an OilYour skin will never get dry.
  4. Chimps Perform Rituals. Does That Make Them Spiritual?Separating fact from fiction in coverage of a new animal-behavior study.
  5. rituals
    What Getting Your Nails Done Really MeansAnd why the manicure habit is so hard to break.
  6. Rituals
    America’s Most Patriotic Barbecue Joint Plays the National Anthem EverySome customers start lunch early to be there for the ceremony.
  7. Table Manners
    Louder: Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Makes for Better-Tasting CakeAnd it’s not even anyone’s birthday.
  8. facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Facebook’s Cultlike Insignia Hiding Inside His Hoodie“What are you in, some kind of cult?”
  9. rituals
    Passion Pit’s Bizarre Preshow Ritual RevealedNothing gets the music going like gibberish.
  10. Blechtacular
    Pee PopA soda made from cow urine!?