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    See Wanderlust-Worthy Road-Trip PhotosFrom the new book The Last Stop: Vanishing Rest by Ryann Ford.
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    Obama Wants to Check Out Cuba Before He Leaves the White House“If I go on a visit, then part of the deal is that I get to talk to everybody.”
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    The Road Trip That Taught Me What Marriage Could BeIt’s odd to think of freedom as a kind of constraint, or of constraint as a kind of freedom.
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    Like You, Zadie Smith Objectifies Sad Hunk Jon Snow “Eye candy.”
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    On May 8, President Obama Will Become the 4th President to Visit All 50 States“I can’t let my South Dakota friends feel neglected.”
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    O.C. Lyrics and Cat Eyes on the Karlie Kloss–Taylor Swift Road TripBig Sur love.
  7. Travels with Kyle, Dispatch #3: Omaha, NE and Sioux Falls, SD“Give me a second with those beers, guys, I’ve gotta go get ice on this buffalo.” Kyle and I are in Interior, South Dakota, just outside […]
  8. Travels with Kyle, Dispatch #1: Los Angeles and Las Vegas“Finally, Mustard.” It seems weird to have a password to get into a comedy show, but that’s what you had to say to get into RBar in Los […]
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    Froggy Style: Bullfrogging in Arkansas, Cooking Like CoquiThis post is not for the squeamish.
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    50 State Dinners (Plus One): Food Treks Worth Taking This SummerJust in time for road-trip season, Grub Street’s editors have scoured the whole country in search of destinations in every single state that will satisfy their (and your) food fanaticism.
  11. Wrapping Up The Chris Gethard Cross Country AdventureHello! Sorry that I didn’t check in on Friday. Especially after I explicitly said I was going to. I didn’t mean to scare anybody. I realize […]
  12. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Giving a 15-Year-Old Kid […] I can’t tell you where I stayed last night. I can’t tell you whose property it is, or how we came to be invited to stay here. What I can tell […]
  13. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Schizophrenics and Las […] Above, the conclusion of the mutiny that was discussed here. Yesterday was an illustration of how sad and desperate America can be. We had a […]
  14. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Earth ShipsThis morning I climbed to the bottom of an immense canyon and hiked alongside the Rio Grande. Eventually, I came upon a hot spring, where I […]
  15. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Mutiny First things first, Don Fanelli and Bethany Hall have arrived. This is the best thing that has happened to me since this tour started. Don is […]
  16. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Reaching a Breaking Point This trip has officially hit a point where I fucking hate being a part of it. There are a handful of moments that are still fun — […]