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    Rob Campbell, Accidental SexistThough no one has yet identified the would-be trophy wife who wrote the Craigslist post looking for tips on finding a husband who makes $500,000 a year, “because $250,000 won’t get me to Central Park West,” the author of the awesome rebuttal to the post, which made e-mail rounds late last week and which we printed here on Thursday, was believed to be one Rob Campbell, an investment banker at J.P. Morgan Chase. This seemed like a safe assumption — after all, the e-mail was signed: Rob Campbell J.P.Morgan Diversified Industrials Investment Banking 277 Park Avenue, 16/F New York, NY 10172 By late last week, Campbell was being hailed across the Internet as a sort of American Folk Hero, giving a voice to exploited, um, rich dudes across the land. But after today’s Times article on the kerfluffle, it looks like he’s in some shit at work.