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Left Handed Radio: ‘1996’

On this lost episode from 1996: Seinfeld Nights, NBC's Must She TV challenges gender norms, Delta Burke for Tamagotchi Rescue, dad tries to play Nintendo64, Jerry Springer: Too Nice for TV, a new intern sure seems like she's a Power Ranger, [...]

By Left Handed Radio

Jeff Foxworthy Reinvents Himself With a Move to Williamsburg

Sure, making fun of hipsters may be getting a little worn out, but when you make a character called Hipster Foxworthy, in which Jeff Foxworthy has moved to Williamsburg? You get a pass. This one's from Bobby Chicago, the sketch group that's [...]

By Adam Frucci

Bjorn Standing Up: Doing Standup with a Baby

In this new video from Bobby Chicago, Rob Lathan is Eddie Decker, aspiring standup and new father. Lathan is actually both a comedian and a new father, hence the baby costar, making the idea of that open mic he did with his daughter strapped to [...]

By Adam Frucci

Bad Sign: When Your Job Interviewer Is a Ventriloquist

I really like this trend of web series having seasons. It makes sense, doesn't it? It allows for them to have arcs and finite storylines, just like TV shows, and the structure of a season seems to only improve the quality of a series. Without [...]

By Adam Frucci

Dog Gym: The Latest Workout Craze to Sweep the Internet

I love this new video from Bobby Chicago featuring Rob Lathan as Vince Tornado, the creator of a new workout that combines working out and dogs. Dogs really should be used more in everyday tasks, especially dogs as agreeable to being hoisted as [...]

By Adam Frucci