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Imus in the Money

Breaking news! From Matt Drudge! Don Imus has a deal! Woo-hoo! Reports the fedora'd one:
Radio host Don Imus has agreed to settle his contract with CBS for $20 million, and a non disparaging clause, legal sources claim. The move opens the possibility Imus will soon return to the airwaves — on WABC in New York! [Top radio executive strongly dismisses Imus will be offered WABC slot] Developing…
Hmm. That denouement sounds a little familiar, doesn't it? UPDATE, 3:06 p.m.: And the AP (via the Times) says it is so. Imus: $20 Million Man [Drudge] The Resurrection of Don Imus [NYM]

Superintendent in Detention

In the apparent end to one of those stories that's totally hilarious to everyone except the thousands of people who were victimized and betrayed as it ran its course, mega-embezzling Roslyn School District superintendent Frank Tassone was sentenced yesterday to four to twelve years in prison yesterday for stealing $2.2 million from the district.