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Robert Wilson

  1. Nudity and Lou Reed’s Rules For Living at the Hamptons’ Wackiest BenefitRobert Downey Jr. played auctioneer.
  2. Theater Review: Shakespeare’s Sonnets Turns SourestRobert Wilson’s rear-avant-garde.
  3. theater
    Willem Dafoe and Mikhail Baryshnikov on Acting (and Dancing!) Together at BAMThey will star in Robert Wilson’s production of The Old Woman.
  4. intel
    One Surreal Saturday in the HamptonsSweaty celebrities trying on dresses, hot men chasing a tiny ball while riding horses, and performance artists prancing through the woods with cardboard boxes on their heads.
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    Doc reveals Robert Wilson’s life was as odd as his films.Robert Wilson’s avant-garde direction is enigmatic, to say the least, but this perceptive documentary reveals that his personal life was just as mysterious.