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Robot Apocalypse

  1. stand clear of the closing doors
    Sandy, Not Skynet, Caused Freaky PATH Escalator MalfunctionRelax, the machines are not out to get you, this time.
  2. robot apocalypse
    Humans Clearly Not Learning Anything From Sci-Fi MoviesAn AP headline: “Space station’s humanoid robot awake.”
  3. this! ... is! ... kind of scary!
    Robot Apocalypse Draws Nearer With IBM’s Jeopardy! Victory“Watson” defeated two very smart human people today.
  4. photo op
    President Obama Acknowledges Potential for Robot ApocalypseHe was joking, of course, but behind every joke there is a hint of truth.
  5. robot apocalypse
    Nearly Sentient Robot Ominously Lawnscapes Outside City HallAnother signpost on the road to the robot apocalypse?
  6. everyone remain calm
    Headlines That Are Scarier Than the Information Contained Within“Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies.”
  7. please remain calm
    Subway Riders Slightly Freaked Out by Conductorless Trains“I have to be honest. I’m a little afraid.” As you should be.
  8. news reel
    Robot Apocalypse Update: Robotic Gamelan Descends on Chelsea Art MuseumGamelatron takes a traditional Gamelan orchestra and replaces the well-trained Javanese with metronome-accurate computer-controlled robotic arms!
  9. tube junkie
    Can Robot Bands Save the Music Business?Sure, their lyrics may be in a made-up robot language, but so are most of Lou Reed’s.
  10. countdown
    Robot-Apocalypse Update: Robot Orchestra to Perform This SaturdayThis Saturday, an entirely robotic orchestra will play George Antheil’s score to the Dadaist film ‘Ballet mécanique’ alongside the film itself for the first time.
  11. tube junkie
    ASIMO Conducts Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Robot Apocalypse ImminentWelcome to the beginning of the end.
  12. apropos of nothing
    Ballet-Dancing Robot: Highbrow, Despicable — and a Harbinger of the Apocalypse!The robots’ takeover of high culture is now near complete.
  13. apropos of nothing
    Robot-Apocalypse Watch: Robot to Conduct Detroit Symphony OrchestraASIMO, a humanoid robot, is set to lead an orchestra in a performance of “The Impossible Dream.” Start hoarding canned food.
  14. apropos of nothing
    Robot-Apocalypse Update: The Machines Go LiteraryPhilip Parker, a professor of management science at Insead business school, is programming computers to collate information into custom-ordered books. In other words: He doesn’t write the books, a robot does.