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  1. role models
    Don’t Forget to Wear a Big Straw Hat With Your SPFA friendly reminder, courtesy rappers at Coachella.
  2. role models
    Steve Bannon Says Mussolini Was a ‘Guy’s Guy,’ Who Was ‘Clearly Loved by Women’The former White House strategist also loves the fascist dictator’s fashion sense.
  3. not all heroes wear capes
    Phantom Thread Makes a Good Case for Staying SingleShe’s her own best company.
  4. sheroes
    This Photo of Martha Stewart Giving the Finger to a Trump Portrait Is EverythingAndres Serrano would be proud.
  5. role models
    Chewing Gum Has the Best Bad Sex on TelevisionIn praise of the show’s gross, weird, and bizarre sexual encounters.
  6. role models
    25 Famous Women on Their MentorsViola Davis, Amandla Stenberg, Laverne Cox, and more on role models.
  7. style icons
    George Michael Was an Over-the-Top Butch Role ModelA whole lot of emotive vulnerability wrapped in a hypermanly shell.
  8. Amal Clooney Has the Cutest Role Model“She was always a working woman and someone who is independent … but also had balance.”
  9. style tips
    More Men Should Consider Wearing a Casual CaftanA sexy style tip from Empire.
  10. geniuses
    Pregnancy-Faking Panda Is a Role Model to Us AllIf you’re pregnant, you get treats.
  11. role models
    Iggy Azalea Perseveres on Dancing With the StarsThe first minute is rough, though.
  12. three cheers for phoebe philo
    See: T Magazine’s Love Letter to Phoebe PhiloFeaturing Liya Kebede and Camilla Nickerson in Céline.
  13. role models
    She Wants RevengeAnd with a film series at BAM, she’s gonna get it.
  14. role models
    Kristen Wiig Was Way Into Bad Sandy From GreaseThere’s a long-standing Olivia Newton-John obsession.
  15. mooooooom!
    Sinéad’s Letter to Miley, Ranked on the Mooom!-o-Meter“It’s so not cool, Miley.”
  16. follow this woman
    Astronaut Karen Nyberg Is a Pinterest StarQuilts, recipes, and aeronautical equipment.
  17. role models
    Martha Stewart’s Best Lesson: Don’t Give a DamnShe doesn’t care at all if people like her, which is why she’s been so successful.
  18. unwitting role models
    Tina Brown, Like Rihanna, Thinks Rihanna Is Not a Good Role ModelRihanna: Tina who?
  19. role models
    Camille Paglia and Naomi Wolf Debate Role Models in CosmoThe Joanna Coles effect?
  20. party time
    Demi Moore Was in Fine Form Last NightNow this is how you enjoy being single.
  21. role models
    A Parent’s Guide to Ke$ha: The Most Responsible Lyrics From WarriorLearn from her.
  22. The Lost Projects of David WainLost Roles is a weekly column taking a particular subject and exploring all of their movie and TV projects that came close to happening but […]
  23. Role Models
    Melissa McCarthy’s Bridesmaids Character Was Based on Guy Fieri“I tried for a long time to get them to let me wear short, white, spiky hair.”
  24. w.w.s.b.d.
    Katherine Heigl Asks Herself ‘What Would Sandra Bullock Do?’’If I could get there, I would like to be just like her.’
  25. role models
    Georgina Bloomberg to Do Her Little Turn on the CatwalkThe mayor’s youngest daughter has inked a deal with Wilhelmina.
  26. chat room
    David Wain on ‘Role Models’ and Directing McLovinWain rapped with Vulture on Paul Rudd’s writing and whether or not girls on the street feel the urge to randomly make out with him.
  27. apropos of nothing
    Apatocalypse Now: Five Movies to Get You Through the Coming Judd Apatow DroughtDid you know ‘Pineapple Express’ is the last Apatow movie of 2008? Here are five ripoffs Hollywood hopes will fill the void.
  28. the industry
    Johnny Depp to Wear His Own Clothes in ‘Dark Shadows’ MoviePlus industry news on Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn, John Waters, and Led F’in Zeppelin, man.