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  1. the summer of cardi b
    Rolling Stone Reveals an Extremely Good Cardi B July CoverMother and child and Offset.
  2. more sexual harassment allegations
    Jann Wenner Accused of Sexual Assault by Former Rolling Stone EmployeeJonathan Wells says the incident occurred at Wenner’s apartment in 1983.
  3. acquisitions
    Rolling Stone Has a New Owner After Penske Media Invests $100 Million ValuationPMC adds Rolling Stone to a list of titles that includes Deadline, Variety, and IndieWire.
  4. How Jann Wenner Built His Boomer EmpireWenner said he started Rolling Stone to meet John Lennon; just as much, he wanted to be Lennon. He came as close as any magazine editor could.
  5. book excerpt
    The Long, Bizarre Relationship Between Jann Wenner and Mick JaggerMaybe he should have thought twice before naming his magazine Rolling Stone.
  6. biographies
    Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner Is Reportedly Unhappy With His New BiographyThe book is said to detail much of his sexual history while running Rolling Stone.
  7. fresh starts
    The New Kesha Still Loves the Old Ke$haShe told Rolling Stone, “I wouldn’t change all the Worst Dressed lists.”
  8. tom petty
    Tom Petty’s Daughter Slams Rolling Stone for Misreporting Father’s Death“My dad is not dead yet but your f***ing magazine is.”
  9. the end of an era
    After 50 Years, Rolling Stone Will Go Up for SaleRS founder Jann Wenner makes plans to sell his controlling stake in the magazine.
  10. sexual assault
    Rolling Stone Settles Lawsuit With UVA Fraternity Over Retracted Rape StoryThe Virginia chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity will receive $1.65 million.
  11. Pictures of a Generation: Looking at 50 Years of Rolling StoneA new book recaps five decades as seen in the magazine of the baby boom.
  12. lawsuits
    Rolling Stone Settles Defamation Suit Over Retracted Rape StoryThe magazine reached a confidential settlement over its debunked November 2014 cover story, “A Rape on Campus.”
  13. paris jackson
    Paris Jackson Says She Believes Her Father Michael Jackson Was Murdered“All arrows point to that.”
  14. lawsuits
    Rolling Stone Will Pay $3 Million in Damages for Its Retracted Story About RapeA jury deliberated for less than two hours.
  15. lawsuits
    A Jury Ruled Rolling Stone and UVA Rape Story Reporter Are Liable for DefamationA jury ruled the magazine and Sabrina Erdely acted with “actual malice.”
  16. Rolling Stone Removed a Story About Domestic Violence After the NBA ComplainedThe article was removed two days after it was published.
  17. lawsuits
    The Trial for the Rolling Stone Retracted Rape Story Starts TodayThe trial begins Monday and will include testimony from “Jackie.”
  18. interview
    Journalist Jonah Weiner on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“One of the things that I will feel least good about is the knowledge that some irreducible part of my job is to help rich people, who have partnered with rich companies, sell shit — and feel really good about themselves.” 
  19. Court Docs Shed Light on Rolling Stone UVA Rape StoryFilings detail how the Rolling Stone story went wrong.
  20. prince
    Prince, World’s Most Compassionate Human, Wanted to Mentor Chris BrownWhat we learned from Rolling Stone’s posthumous Prince profile.
  21. Male Producers Have Been Unsurprisingly Awful to Grimes“It’s difficult for women to get in.”
  22. campus sexual assault
    Judge Rules ‘Jackie’ Will Be Forced to Testify in Rolling Stone LawsuitThe subject of Rolling Stone’s largely discredited campus rape story now must testify in the lawsuit.
  23. campus sexual assault
    Lawyers for ‘Jackie’: Testifying Is TraumatizingThey’ve asked the judge to cancel her deposition in the lawsuit against Rolling Stone.
  24. Beyoncé Rejected Chris Martin’s ‘Awful’ SongWhen you try your best but you don’t succeed.
  25. quotables
    ‘Queen of Hoeism’ Zola Tells the Story Behind Her Twitter SagaIn an interview with Rolling Stone.
  26. journalism
    UVA Fraternity Hits Rolling Stone With $25 Million LawsuitMore fallout in the bungled campus-rape exposé.
  27. coverspy
    Why Is Everyone on Rolling Stone So Wet?I can lend you guys my blow-dryer.
  28. media
    Rolling Stone Finds New Managing EditorMen’s Journal editor Jason Fine.
  29. campus sexual assault
    Everything We Know About the UVA Rape Case [Updated]A guide to the many questions and controversies raised by the now-debunked Rolling Stone article.
  30. journalism
    Rolling Stone Managing Editor Steps Down in Wake of Botched Rape Story The magazine was also hit with a second defamation suit over the retracted report.
  31. the national interest
    The Unexamined Bias Behind Rolling Stone’s Rape Reporting DisasterColumbia Journalism Review evades the most obvious question: Why?
  32. journalism
    Rolling Stone Retracts Rape Story After ReviewBut publisher Jann Wenner says no one will be fired.
  33. campus sexual assault
    Police Find No Evidence to Support Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape StoryThough, “That doesn’t mean something terrible didn’t happen to Jackie.”
  34. investigations
    Rolling Stone Will Publish a Review of the UVA Rape Story It will print Columbia Journalism School’s investigation of the controversial article.
  35. cover-ups
    The Nippleless Women of Rolling Stone CoversNicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and more cyborgs.  
  36. memory
    What ‘Serial’ Can Teach us About MemoryWe’re relying on some dangerously outdated notions about how human memory works.
  37. campus sexual assault
    Rolling Stone Regrets Handling of UVA Rape StoryPhi Kappa Psi says the date and the description of her assailant don’t check out.
  38. the porn identity
    The Duke Porn Star’s Life Sounds Pretty ToughA Rolling Stone profile discusses what it’s really like.
  39. constitution tattoos
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Sexism BanisherOn the cover of Rolling Stone, only wearing a huge tattoo.
  40. quotables
    Joyce Maynard: Don’t Call Me a ‘Mistress’She responds to Peter Travers on Facebook.
  41. ink-stained wretches
    That Rolling Stone Boycott Didn’t Go So WellSales were up this month.
  42. bons mots
    Louis C.K. Is Not a Fan of the Rolling Stone Cover“F*** them.”
  43. boston bombing
    Police Officer Releases New Tsarnaev PhotosAnd is promptly relieved of duty.
  44. ink-stained wretches
    George Lois on Rolling Stone Boston Bomber CoverThe legendary Esquire art director is having none of it.
  45. ink-stained wretches
    The Problem With Rolling Stone’s Dzhokhar Tsarnaev CoverContext is everything.
  46. ink-stained wretches
    Boston Bomber Makes the Cover of Rolling StoneIt isn’t going over very well.
  47. nepotism
    22-Year-Old to Run RollingStone.comJann Wenner’s son.
  48. depth of field
    Mark Seliger on Shooting Obama, Cobain, and MoreHe may be successful, but he’s not yet satisfied.
  49. clickables
    Witness Jon Hamm’s Rolling Stone CoverMad Men x modern man.
  50. Closings
    But It’s All Over Now: Rolling Stone Restaurant Folds in HollywoodInevitably, customers didn’t really rally for a “high-end” restaurant based on a $4.99 magazine.
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