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Brian Grazer Also to Appear in ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4

Ron Howard continues to be your top source for all your Arrested Development behind-the-scenes needs. This photo was tweeted with the caption: "Rehearsing an on-camera moment for the show." Meaning Brian Grazer will be on the fourth season of [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Mr. Howard Visits the ‘Arrested Development’ Set

Ron Howard tweeted this photo from the set of Arrested Development at 12:30am PST. (Literally burning the midnight oil. Well, literally on the midnight part – not the oil part. No one just randomly burns oil on sets, unless they're filming [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Let’s Look at the New ‘Arrested Development’ Script and Dream

Oh, the magic and jokes and jokes about magic that must be within this .pdf! What's going to happen!?!?! Ron Howard, who tweeted this image (see it blown up below), said the script was, "Very very funny :-)" and had "Lots of lines for the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘Arrested Development’ Starts Shooting in 4 Weeks

'Arrested Development's' development is not arrested. Last night, Jason Bateman tweeted this picture along with the message: "Taken at AD mission control, today! All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!" Woo, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Trade Roundup: Sarah Silverman, The Longest Week, Caroline Rhea

NBC's picked up a Sarah Silverman pilot produced by Ron Howard, a single-camera comedy about "a woman readjusting to the single life after a decade-long live-in relationship." After the loopy, inappropriate fun of her Comedy Central show, it'll [...]

By Hallie Cantor